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Katy Perry Does Coachella Dirty of the Day

Katy Perry captioned her Coachella pics “I’ve been to Coachella longer than you’ve been alive” which is pretty clever because it’s true since she’s an old weathered hipster chick .

I had pictures of Katy Perry and Kesha sent to me back on the day, probably 18 years ago, all in bikinis and covered in mud from before both became famous, Katy Perry more famous than Kesha, but both still climbed the ranks from average looking Coachella girl to pop star. Dreams do come true if you suck the right cock.

Now, all these years later, granny is on her Coachella adventure like when you see some old lady with cancer visit her hometown before she dies. She didn’t wear the bikini top this time around but rather the bikini body shirt, danced around like a stripper, pulled her ass out so you know she wears underwear like grannies do in case they pee unexpectedly and posed with some chick who had her nipples out who was performing.

The whole thing feels a little sad, but she’s rich and famous and part of the hipster scene of other rich and famous people who shaped this pop culture thing together and all go to events together to reaffirm how important they’ve been to the world.

This may be where that all started, so let grandma relive it….

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