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Sydney Sweeney Gets Paid on the Brand Deals of the Day

Sydney Sweeney may be a titty model who went astray and ended up a super famous and well paid Hollywood actress who can’t act but who has tits…but that doesn’t mean she can’t be true to her original purpose of being an instagram titty model with an OnlyFans you would have expected her to be, if the Hollywood machine didn’t scoop her up early to divert your attention from the instagram titty models, to actually commit and watch their bullshit propaganda….

Sweeney is an attempt by Hollywood to use the tits to reclaim their power in a world where too many bitches who aren’t in the system are generating celebrity, revenue and hype, not making the system all the money they once did.

Anyway, the Florida Keys tits are being paid to promote a luxury hair product nd her content involves her tits in a bathing suit being tits….and it’s fun cuz it’s tit.

All these whores are just a bunch of shameless social media influencer instagram models…some just get paid more or taken more seriously…

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