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Taylor Swift Casts a Spell on her Fans While Shaking her Non Existent Ass of the Day

I like to believe that Hollywood is some demonic playground controlled by an evil force that want to brain wash you and take all your money.

It makes it feel more exciting and interesting than just a bunch of rich dudes who run the media making moves with the people they think they can make the most money off of….because demonic forces are more sinister than money grubbing opportunistic nerds who understand how easy it is to brainwash the masses into buying into what they are selling…

So when I see Taylor Swift, who for some reason came out of the PANDEMIC as some kind of icon or hero to millions of women everywhere, when historically I didn’t think anyone really cared all that much for her. Sure she was famous, but not THIS famous and definitely not hot or interesting in her victim girl who gets played by boys nonsense positioning…

So when I see her middle aged non ass shakin on stage as she casts a spell on the simple minds who owns, I like to think it’s more than just some chick who has gamed the system, but rather some chick hired by the system to continue gaming the masses with their garbage….THERE is a difference…and that difference is that it means Taylor Swift isn’t some powerful being, but rather just a tool in their satanic garden shed to sodomize us with….and not even with a girl you’d really want to sodomize based on the ass alone, I mean sure it’s a rich skinny and famous ass you’d have to sodomize if the opportunity presented itself for the story, and as an asshole obsessed parasite brained population, all asses are asses you’d want to sodomize, it’s just that her ass isn’t that exciting…despite the willingness for all to sodomize it….

If you know what I mean.

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