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Britney Spears Bikini 20 Pounds Lighter of the Day

So they say Britney is in the best shape she’s been in years and that she’s lost something like 20 pounds of disgusting, but the truth is that I never found Britney disgusting, even in her three day old miscarriage panties, I was just happy to know she wasn’t pregnant with the paparazzi baby because the paparazzi are fucking scum and don’t deserve to reproduce. I am also loyal like a dog and remember wanting to fuck her in all those slutty music videos and won’t walk away from that just because she’s put on a bit of weight and went a little crazy and had a couple babies, she still looks better than anything I’ve fucked and her bank account can support my really affordable life.

Either way, here she is in some magazine bikini pictures lookin’ hot enough for me to fuck but that’s not saying much considering at this point in my life, I’d fuck rotting hamburger meat and shit would smell better than my wife’s pussy. I realize I am on a wife kick today, she pissed me off this morning when I realized she was still breathing….so I take that disappointment out on you.

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