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Alex Trebek VS Nerdcore Nerds of the Day

One of the contestants on Jeoparty Jeopardy was talking about the music she loves or listens to called Nerdcore, which she goes onto explain is people rapping about being nerds, into comic books, unable to find romantic partners…basically what I call virgin losers who are the only people who read this site, and who occasionally break out of their mom’s basement with some dot com billion dollar company…where they are celebrated and pussy is thrown at them…they even let you grab them in the pussy…just to have a taste of your very valuable semen…so they can throw it back into their twat and get pregnant so that they can retire…but I generally think they just sit around playing video games – getting fatter and fatter – greasier and greasier and cum scented because all that masturbating gets into their pours and is hard to wash out when you don’t wash…eventually finding a really fat lonely chick in the same situation as them – who they can do sci/fi fanatasy – comicon things together…but usually they just die alone…

And who Alex Trebek calls losers…to their loser faces…because he’s rich off loser nerds he calls losers…cuz he’s winning!

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