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Andreea Diaconu for Agent Provocateur of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is some Romanian model. A little gypsy like the gypsy I once tried to fuck…straight from the mean streets of Bucharest, in Montreal for some college exchange….who made it very clear when she was reading my fortune that she would not be sitting on my face at any time in our relationship but I could buy her things like dinner and clothing and take her on vacation…and she wasn’t Adreea Diaconu hot…she wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret model found at the age of 11…she was some chubby thing with a lot of Romanian facial hair…but I have no standards…and youth always prevails…

Now this post isn’t about my opinion on Romanians Gypsies or how weird they are in their attempt to scam…it’s not even to say that this tall half naked creature is on some scam…as everyones a fucking scam..

It’s to say that it’s nice to see her protest the evil mall brand lingerie company that gave her that start..and partner up with the Sex Pistol, high end, french inspired, also a mall brand, but a LUXURY mall brand lingerie brand…probably part owned by Victoria’s Secret, but like Gypsies, big business are fucking scammers too….

That said, I do like this shoot, as I always do with Agent Provocateur…They do good stuff…

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Andreea Diaconu Slutty in the Forest for Vogue Paris of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is some new recruit from the evil empire that is Victoria’s Secret. She’s a model from Romania who you can assume Victoria’s Secret purchased off the black market, because the black market likes to use the tall skinny girls abducted for human trafficking, for fashion, the money is just more lucrative, and instead of making their 4 dollars a minute masturbating on webcam in some dungeon, they get paid 4000 dollars a day to shoot shitty catalog pictures I can’t even masturbate to because they photoshop out the nipples.

So she’s in Vogue Paris as part of the Victoria’s Secret “we use real models” advertising campaign….

But most interestingly she’s in the forest, alone in to forest, if you ignore all the behind the scenes people from camera people, make-up and hair, producers, etc etc etc that probably amount to 30 people in the fucking forest, that probably isn’t even a forest but rather a set….but that doesn’t take away from your creepy fetish of girl…alone in the forest…rapist…

It happens, the other week, I was told there was a nudist waterfall down this path in the woods from some crackhead and I figured, I’ll take it…in what felt like 4 hours of hiking, but was probably 3 minutes since I’m obese, I came across a girl all alone…in short shorts…and I thought “she’s lucky I’m not a rapist”…which made me think “am I a rapist for thinking that”….but concluded “it’s not me, it’s society for giving me anxiety and immediately thinking bad things could happen to a girl alone in the woods, because bad things happen to girls alone in the woods”….

It wasn’t an erection creating concept to me, I’m not into the whole rape and kill thing, but to you…this shit must be porn..

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Andreea Diaconu Music Video of the Day

Here’s a video of some model named Andreea Diaconu…who I guess appreciates the opportunity in Vogue so much that she allows them to make a mockery or fool of herself in public – dancing like a dancing Romanian monkey, only Romanian monkeys are actually trained bears that balance on balls at the traveling gypsy circus…I saw it in a documentary….

I like this video – because models in bikinis being silly – so innovative, so much better than models in shitty staged dramatic poses looking like assholes – who are actually being serious when really they seem like they are making a fucking joke – because their jobs are actually jokes…

It’s interesting to see what these whores will do for money…or at least exposure to get that money…gypsies…they crazy.

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Andreea Diaconu Naked for Vogue Paris of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is hot…

She’s Romanian, and unlike my Romanian friend growing up, she doesn’t have a 14 inch penis that he used to pull out at the alcohol store as ID when we underage and didn’t have fake ID ….

She was scouted at 11…which sounds totally wholesome…and totally fucking perverted, but in Romania, they make their own laws…and I guess it worked out nicely with her…from Victoria’s Secret to Vogue…this bitch matters…at least more than most Romanian whores who end up dead in the back of some truck being smuggled out of Romania….gypsies…

She’s in Vogue, she’s showing tits…way better than scamming in a caravan park in Easter Europe, but not quite as good as being a call girl..she’s on the wrong spectrum of pay by the hour…because she gets paid by the hour….and probably sucks dick to the right person hiring her but not in the right way….you know to feed addiction or pay rent / baby formula…but in the career advancement way – which sucks…but these pictures don’t…

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ANDREEA DIACONU for ETAM Lingerie of the Day

Andreea-Diaconu-Etam-Spring-2016-Lingerie07 (1)

Andreea Diaconu is some new recruit from the evil empire that is Victoria’s Secret.

She’s a model from Romania who you can assume Victoria’s Secret purchased off the black market, because the black market likes to use the tall skinny girls abducted for human trafficking, for fashion….the money is just more lucrative….

They are making a solid ROI on this one, just take her for free, fly her to America in a Cargo plane, and pay her in threats of not killing off her family…

Now getting paid and instead of making their 4 dollars a minute masturbating on webcam in some dungeon, THOUSANDS of dollars a day…

Magical…but not really because I think she banged Jake Gyllenhaal and I hate her for that.

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Andreea Diaconu for Vogue China of the Day


Gypsy Andreea Diaconu who was found at 11 in Romania…and put to work at 11 in Romania…in what most people would say is child molestation, human trafficking and wrong…but not the fashion industry, or the handlers who abducted her at 11 and sold her off to Victoria’s Secret…because she was too tall to be a webcam model, and far more affordable to import than paying legal America employees who have more work requirements since they don’t need the idea of the American dream held over their head to keep them working for free…

I don’t know much about her, no real gossip about her, I’ll just assume she fucks celebrities and rich guys since that’s the kind of sex work models do…while her friends back home are being passed around for Brothel to Brothel…for the likes of Lamar Odom…who will survive thanks to Kardashian love…and by love I mean script…where as this one is living the life of luxury and not living back home in a gold water flat…so I guess if you’re hot..it all works out….10,000 dollar day rate rather than 500 dollar a month for 80 hours of work a week..

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Andreea Diaconu for i-D of the Day


Apparently, Andreea Diaconu is some new recruit from the evil empire that is Victoria’s Secret. She’s from Romania who you can assume Victoria’s Secret purchased off the black market, because the black market likes to use the tall skinny girls abducted for human trafficking purposes for fashion.

The money is better than the brothels or webcam dungeons they send the not as tall Eastern European girls…It is basic economics, 10,000 day rates or 4 dollars a minute…which they get 10 cents a minute from…is just more lucrative…

I guess what I am saying is that I assumed all Romanians were Gypsies and touring circus acts…you know training Bears to Balance on balls…or walking the tight rope…but instead, this breakout star, gets featured in hip magazines like i-D…and probably live in a New York loft and fuck celebrities…

I think the best quote from her Wikipedia is this pervert shit:

Diaconu was 11 years old when a local scout first approached her to enter the field of modeling; however, she didn’t take them up on their offer until she was thirteen. She was discovered while swimming in a public pool.

Child prostitution is a real thing…and hopefully not one you participate in…here are the pics…

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Andreea Diaconu Nipples for Vogue Paris of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is labeled one of the most popular model from Romania…because all the other models from Romania look like this:


You know Gypsies, who train bears and to balance on balls, for their traveling carnivals…Which we all know isn’t true, because we all watch webcam models masturbate for us and a solid percentage of those Eastern European in the basements like the sex workers they are…when they aren’t trying to be bought by Americans for citizenship…

She started modeling at 13…sounds wholesome…like working at an ice cream shop or a summer camp…only more naked…amongst perverts…

She also dated Jack Gyllenhaal, even though he’s a faggot rich kid…

And now her big nipples are in Vogue…I guess Dreams do come true..for some people…if they are pretty enough…they can save their sex work for behind closed doors with rich people…as all models do…


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Andreea Diaconu in Lingerie for Lindex of the Day


I really have no idea whether lingerie photoshoots excite people anymore…I just know that they don’t excite me…

It’s not because I am into dudes or trannies or face fucking rape porn….

It’s because this shit is so oversaturated, and we’ve seen it all before…

So who is Andreea Diaconu, probably some useless model who fucked Jake Gylenhaall or another celebrity, and who will be planning on settling down when she finds a billionaire..

Same story as so many girls before her…and these are pics of her getting naked, or half naked, for money and to generate some buzz to help secure her prince charming…like so many strippers before her, who sit around waiting for the dream man to walk in and sweep them away, only this is fashion and classier, the lingerie has less yeast infections, but not necessarily, in my experience or knowledge, models are as dirty if not dirtier than street hookers, because models don’t use condoms with guys who fuck street hookers…

Doesn’t matter….or does it…maybe it does…who knows…go take a selfie, that’s all you want to do right now, I already know.

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Andreea Diaconu Legs for Vogue of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is from Romania…and unlike the women I know from Romania…she does not seem to be 300 pounds or with moustache…but instead she seems tall as fuck, skinny as fuck, and rocking legs as fuck…that I want to fuck…because fuck…

She’s been in a bunch of campaigns, she started modeling in her Eastern European home at the age 11….the story on her wikipedia is that she decided to model because it could make her money to pursue her dream…karate…what the fuck kind of story is that….I figure one programmed by the human trafficker who old her to America when she was 20…

Either way, this shoot’s whatever, it’s for Vogue…but as someone who loves legs…here’s some legs…

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