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Angel McCord as Marilyn Monroe of the Day

Want to know what is worse than being Annalynne McCord….being her bottom feeding sister who’s celebrity relies heavily on Annalynne McCord’s low and useless level of fame….Seriously, this coat tail rider is a fucking joke and even more useless than someone who I deemed to be at pretty much the bottom of the fucking foodchain in Hollywood and here she is dressed like Marilyn Monroe, because it is Halloween this weekend, in case you haven’t seen annoying people already dressed up, milking the holliday as hard as their frat boy asses can…something way less annoying than the paparazzi who cared enough about this Angel McCord trash to release these pictures….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Annalynne McCord’s Sister Gets Followed by the Paparazzi of the Day

I am the kind of guy who is fucking shocked that Annalynne McCord gets followed by the paparazzi as much as she does considering she is barely famous, as being on one show accidentally doesn’t constitute fame where I am from and I am hoping she’s a one trick pony and that when the show disappears she does, but then I hit up the paparazzi site and see that the motherfuckers are following her fucking sister around for being her fuckin’ sister and I don’t know what what’s more depressing being related to Annalynne McCord or being famous for being related to Annalynne McCord. All this to say there’s something seriously wrong with fame in Hollywood. Here are her legs.

If you’re wondering who she is calling, the answer is everyone she knows, because this cunt is so excited that people finally care about her since she feels like she’s always been the hotter sister and deserves some Annalynne attention, and because they are from the same cunt family and they were obviously given too much positive reinforcement and don’t realize they fucking suck and all this attention just makes proves their already established theory that they are the greatest family in the history of fucking families. Pretty fucking annoying…

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