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Angel McCord as Marilyn Monroe of the Day

Want to know what is worse than being Annalynne McCord….being her bottom feeding sister who’s celebrity relies heavily on Annalynne McCord’s low and useless level of fame….Seriously, this coat tail rider is a fucking joke and even more useless than someone who I deemed to be at pretty much the bottom of the fucking foodchain in Hollywood and here she is dressed like Marilyn Monroe, because it is Halloween this weekend, in case you haven’t seen annoying people already dressed up, milking the holliday as hard as their frat boy asses can…something way less annoying than the paparazzi who cared enough about this Angel McCord trash to release these pictures….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Joey Lawrence’s Matthew Tries To Get Into Someone Else’s Car of the Day

Matthew Lawrence (who?) was at some T-Mobile Party because they were hungry for anyone with a name to show up, even if that person happened to be some guy who hasn’t worked since Boy Meets World and who’s only claim to fame is that his brother was Joey Lawrence and this is a video of him trying to get into the wrong car. I mean, I guess it’s easy to relapse into thinking you can afford a Mercedes, maybe it’s just you getting carried away because someone at the event asked for an autograph because they thought you were the dude on LOST and it got to your head, and reminded you of the glory days, making you think you were still on TV and that you were still getting a paycheck, and the whole thing is pretty embarrassing, but in Matthew’s defense we all make mistakes and forget we are hurtbag losers, I mean just the other day, I almost bought brand name ketchup thinkin’ I could afford it, before my wife reminded me that it’s out of our league.

Either way, the valet still managed to jump start is ’87 Hyundai and get it to him shortly after this video was shot and Matthew Lawrence drove into the sunset to be forgotten for another 10 years….

Stacy Keibler made it out to the event with all the other d-listers who had nothing better to do an I figure I might as well post it because she’s got some legs, which is a nice change of pace from he amputee sluts you are used to because amputees don’t have standards and give you the time of day because they have boy image issues and low self esteem…..

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I am – Caleigh Peters in a Bikini of the Day


So this bitch I’ve never heard of named Caleigh Peters was at Paris’ Malibu Beach party in a bikini. It turns out that her dad is some kind of K-Fed type who was the hairdresser to Barbara Streisand, started banging her ugly fucking face because no one else would and he saw the opportunity and that lead to him becoming executive producer of movies like Flashdance, Caddyshack, Rain Man, Batman, Ali, Superman returns and the list goes on and on….making him pretty fucking rich for some glorified man whore….

His daughter, the cunt you see in a bikini, is 19 and sings soundtrack songs in Disney movies and in her spare time, she lets assholes like Kimberly Stewart’s brother throw her around in the ocean outside of Paris Hilton’s Malibu Beach House where she seems to be having parties on a regular basis and invites people who are even less significant in the world than she is, which is saying a lot in how unimportant these people actually are.

I was walking down the street today and saw a set of twins shopping. They were probably identical twins, but one of them was significantly better looking than the other. Her tits were more perky, her face was less haggard, her body was more tones, her hair was healthier, it was like despite having the same genes, one was always having a good day and the other was always having a bad day look wise, where as normal people have good and bad days, this one twin pawned her bad days onto her sister. I got to thinking that being the ugly twin would be worse than being the ugly girl in the class, because in school there are always other ugly girls, but at home there is just you, and constantly being compared to a sister is probably hard enough as is, but constantly being compared to a sister who is pretty much you but hotter, is way more fucked up.

I don’t know where I am going with this, but I am convinced that my twin observation is probably just as dull as these pictures of some slut you’ve never heard of…..who looks like her mother may have been a monkey…and who hangs with 2 older assholes that are just trying to figure out a way to get her back to their family funded home to gangbang these whores…and show them what being F-List is all about…

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