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Anna Beatriz Barros Does X-Mas of the Day

Anna Beatriz Barros is an amazing 6 foot tall Brazilian model….who would probably be scary to be next to in person, but in pictures she’s fantastic…

She has been in Sports Illustrated a bunch of times and was at one point in time a Victoria’s Secret chick and who the fuck knows or really cares what she’s been up to the last couple of years, because all that matter is this campaign she did for some magazine for Christmas that really touches me at my core…because I feel like this is how my mind sees Christmas every year…lingerie clad models with creepy drunk santas and midgets having their way with her…

I am in love with this campaign.

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Anna Beatriz Barros Photoshoot for DT Magazine of the Day

Here is the last standing Brazilian models we all went nuts for the last decade thanks to Victoria’s Secret kidnapping them from their lives, stripping them into their underwear and bikinis and taking pictures of them to share with all of us. I call her the last standing Brazilian model because I think on of the other ones is a man and the other is a mom, so enjoy this bitch while it lasts, and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Anna Beatriz Barros’ Back of the Day

Here’s a little Victoria Secret back for the guys out there who get off to hot chicks showing off their backs, I’m a little more into vagina personally, I don’t really need that sexually suggestive tease to get me exicted, I need spread eagled vagina quivering like a scared child crying for its mother. I don’t really know what that means, but it made me laugh and I guess this site is all about me. Yay.

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