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Cameron Diaz Big Girl Busting Out of Jeans of the Day

Cameron Diaz Big Girl Busting Out of Jeans of the Day

Cameron Diaz is a 47 year old legend who was spotted fatter, bustier and really challenging the integrity of her mom jeans…how strong is that fucking button…I guess we’ll find out cuz she’s not ready to admit to her menopause and size up…

What I like about Cameron Diaz, besides being one of the hottest models turned romantic comedy actresses of the last 20 years, who I am sure is an awful person…

I have little to no confidence in her. I mean she’s married to the GOOD CHARLOTTE sister, they may even have a kid, I don’t pay attention, but that dude is embarrassing…a 1990s mall brand the human version….I guess being lame made him a ton of money and got him Cameron Diaz pussy along with all the other pussy…including but not limited to Paris Hilton pussy…

I appreciate that she was vain enough to bow out and take a break from acting, unlike that cunt Jen Aniston who keeps riding being the “hot chick” into her 60s…Diaz made her fortunes, lives her good life, probably has investments in all kinds of things…who needs acting…not Cameron Diaz…it’s not worth watching herself get fat on screen.

I don’t know what brought her out of hiding in her mansions, but I can assume it was a favor to Elizabeth Banks to keep the conversation around Charlie’s Angles no one Asked for bombing, in efforts for them all to recoup their investment in shit…but maybe she’s planning her comeback…now that her tits have caught up to her mom gut…but what do I know beyond thinking Cameron Diaz is great (enough) compared to what else is out there…and I encourage more old lady bigger titty excursions.

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Olga Kurylenko Bikini for Twitter of the Day

OLGA KURLYENKO …..is awesome…not because I know of anything she’s ever done in her modeling or acting career…but because in 2001 she became a French citizen thanks to marrying a french photographer…and marriage for citizenship and not for love is my fucking Jam….I mean…that’s really the only asset to being married…that and getting half of a person’s money when you divorce….other than that…shit is just a miserable fucking prison sentence you can’t escape….

She’s 32, who fucking cares what she’s done in her career…what matters is that she’s on the beach in a bikini and putting that shit on social networking….cuz girl wants to be noticed….and I like girls who like to be noticed…they make the internet more tolerable.

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