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Katy Price has an Awkward Body of the Day

If you’re wondering why homosexual Russell Brand is engaged to Katy Perry, its cuz her awkward lower body looks like a dude…but I think the real issue is the fact that you are wondering why Russell Brand is engaged to Katy Perry. I hate her body, I hate her music, I pretty much hate her and I don’t really understand why she is wearing what she is wearing, the athletic look for her is just another one of her lies, because she can’t face that whatever she’s managed to squeeze into these is pants is fucking sloppy…but we can. Seriously, her body reminds me of when I worked for a butcher packing sausages (no homo), and she’s not even naked….so whatever happens when those pants do come off is pretty much a fucking nightmare that I guess Russell Brand is chanelling and inspire him to write a new bullshit story about when he was in Vietnam burried under 4 dead bodies in the head for 3 weeks which will be as believable as his story as a drug addict who turned his life around lie.

Pics via Fame

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Dakota Fanning is Going Through a Pretty Serious Awkward Phase of the Day

Here is 15 year old Dakota Fanning lookin’ pretty strange.

This is the reason why you should not choose your mail order wife out of a catalog when she is 6 to reserve her to be yours 12 years down the line, on some layaway shit, because you’re a hurtback, because what looks like it has potential at a young age can turn the fuck around on you and end up growing up into some kind of monster. It’s like when you see those fat chicks from your past lookin’ all amazing now, making you regret making fun of her, because maybe you’d have a chance, because you have no spine and don’t stand by your bullying, where as I like to ask them for money for being a pivotal person in influencing their new more beautiful life, because without my teasing, they would have thought shit was ok and would have been stagnant, so in a lot of ways, I’m a fucking guardian angel to these cunts, and that’s why they should suck my fucking dick right there in the middle of the high school reunion while their husbands watch.

On the positive side of things, good thing she worked when she was marketable, I mean she’s probably set for life and if her parents didn’t jump on that shit, she’d probably be working the cash at her local Wal Mart or some shit. I guess it’s one of those take the opportunity when it knocks, otherwise it may never come around here no more.

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