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Lily Allen Eating Ribs in Bed Like the Pig that She is of the Day

I am always talking about Twitter like shit changed the fucking world, but I guess it’s the one way to tap into useless celebrities and respond back at them things you think is important, like telling Lily Allen she’s a fat fucking pig after posting these fat pictures of herself eating some ribs in bed at her hotel room wherever the fuck she is.

I mean I thought she was fat enough just in everyday clothes but she’s just become a lot fatter in my eyes, I mean this shit is so fat my wife would jerk off to the shit if she saw it, and this is what she wrote when she posted it….

Ribs and bibs , in bed. Gross in retrospect but so good at the time. Mmmmm

She’s the kind of eating disorder fat chick who recognizes that what she is doing is fucking disgusting while doing it, but has no self control in the moment, only after the fact she can sit down and share her lapse in judgement with the world. She makes me sick and not just just because those ribs look like her underwear on miscarriage day….

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