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Some Bitches at the Glamor Awards of the Day

Every day there are events that I am not invited to…I’m talking around the globe, events I am left out of, because either people don’t know me, or don’t want me, or forget to include me….From birthday parties, to club nights, to even meetings at the bowling alleys…..and the neglect or rejection reminds me of high school and would hurt me if I actually cared to go…I don’t need your stupid parties…especially not celebrity events…cuz free drink and free food with famous twats hasn’t got shit on couch sitting……and here are some pics of the sluts at the Glamour Gala event I wasn’t invited to…

Beverly Johnson and her See Through Shirt…..she’s the first black model to ever be on the cover of American Vogue back in 1974, a 60 year old revolutionary showing off her nipples works for me…

Alba in what I thought was some latex fetish suit – you know like a little catholic or AMISH or Mormon orhan you can wipe the cum off role play suit – but turned out to be some sequined shit you’d expect to see on a Golden Girl in 89….proving yet again that starting a family makes a bitch really suck….

J.Lo and her Leg trying to be sexy, forgetting she never was sexy….

That dude from Glee

How about some Blondie Deborah Harry turned Whitie……for no reason than to post a bad joke…

Chelsea Handler in Some Cat Suit…that hugged her vagina and tits like the whore that she is…..or that she was to get to where she is.

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