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Nicky Hilton in her Bikini Bottoms of the Day

Sometimes when role playing with my wife, I like to pretend I am Nicky Hilton and she pretends to be the badly dressed asshole no one cares about that she’s dating at the time because my wife is about as worthless as him, except for the fact that she pays my rent and I am about as boring and sloppy lookin’ as Nicky Hilton. So I ask my wife where she got her stupid board shorts and she asks me why I am not as relevant as my sister and asks if I want to make a sex tape and I blow it off by telling her she’s no Rick Solomon down there and I dont want to admit I let such a small dick inside my barely there ass, and I then I tell her that I have to go shopping and I’ll be taken my Benz and storm off only to jump into my stepdaughter’s boyfriend’s 87 Hyundai and my wife goes to the bedroom to masturbate because she finds playing useless rich kids who have done pretty much nothing with their lives so fuckin’ hot she can’t contain her over-sized labia.

Here’s some Nicky Hilton in a bikini bottom.

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