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Brad Pitt Punched at Angelina’s Movie Premiere of the Day

Brad Pitt made Angelina Jolie’s comeback tour about him, maybe in protest of her abuse, or maybe because he had nothing to do with it, when some Ukrainian prankster you allowed in your country, jumped the barricade at her premiere and punched Brad Pitt in the face…but being the tough guy that Brad Pitt is, he didn’t let that affect or take away from the woman who own’s his testicle and who made him a little bitch’s day…and here are the pictures of ANgelina’s Big tits to prove that the show must go on…

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Lara Marsden is Brad Pitt’s World War Z Sexual Assistant of the Day

The word on the internet is that Lara Marsden is Brad Pitt’s personal assitant who he may or may not be fucking cuz actors may or may not fuck whoever they want as their relationships are actual fronts for their self absorded asshole behavior….

I pulled up her MYSPACE and grabbed this pic, but assume that since it is myspace, these pics are from 4 years ago….and that’s ok….cuz it just means she’s more damaged, dirtier in bed, and loving every second of being ordered around by Brad Pitt…

Scandal I don’t care about, tits I don’t mind….Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt and he’s got it made, whether it is all marketing or not, and if I was Brad Pitt, I wouldn’t be fucking this assistant, because I’d be dead from aids or a drug overdose long ago, you know right after my first acting job, cuz I’d fuck every single pussy that threw itself at me while spending my first million……..

What I’m trying to say is Angelina Jole is old and has a mom pussy and sometimes dudes need a tight young pussy to remind them what bein a man is all about….

TO See The Rest of the Pics

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Brad Pitt Shot a Commercial in France With Some Hot Pussy of the Day

So Brad Pitt shot a commercial in France because they probably paid him a lot of money and since he’s trying to make some ties in the country that his kids were born in and he did it with some old chick in a bikini.

Old chicks are pretty fucking amazing, despite being pretty fucking rotten to look at. They just have this “who gives a fuck” attitude that younger girls don’t have. It’s like they reach a certain age and they either give up on life, or try to hold onto their youth and the only competitive advantage they have to younger girls is that they aren’t scared to do it. They aren’t self conscious, they will get naked anywhere. They aren’t reserved, they will fuck you anywhere. They aren’t up to date on the trends, so you can fuck them without a condom, but the only problem is that when you fuck them, you just don’t feel anything but an empty hole and dry flesh that is comparable to a loose gripped masturbation session but the dryness doesn’t lead to a rash because there is barely any friction as you you hardly touch the walls of her vagina no matter how well hung you are…..It’s a lot like shoving your dick between your wife’s fat rolls only less moist, come on, I can’t be the only one who’s done that….

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