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Miley Cyrus Gets a Burger of the Day

So Miley Cyrus went to get a burger and the whole staff decided to make a big deal out of it, I guess their minimum wage life doing menial work all fucking day for them man, who doesn’t let them take sick days, and who gives them a hard time if they show up 3 minutes late, even thought they aren’t paid enough to show up on fucking time, only to get knee deep in fast food slop, hating your life and motivating yourself to get the fuck out of that line of work, maybe go back to school or do a technical program, maybe plumbing or electrician school, even cabinet making, anything but fucking working a burger shop, lacks excitement and celebrities make life a little less depressing, because now you have a story to tell your family and friends that doesn’t involve how shitty your fucking day was because Miley Cyrus came into your life and remembered you, even if that would make my shitty day even shittier, but that’s just cuz I am negative and a hater.

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Lohan Eating Burger of the Day

Here are some pictures of Lohan eating a burger, it’s something she’s pretty good at because she’s given up Hot Dogs and has been practicing a lot. You should take notes, I hear its an easy way to keep that fat chick your fucking around for a few more rounds, but that’s just because fat chicks love food.

My lesbian jokes suck but I heard this one the other day:

What do you call a lesbian with big fingers:
-well hung

That one’s better than mine, it’s kinda the story of my life.

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