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Another Kardashian Promoting Fat Shit cuz She’s Fat of th eDay

The best things in life are messy? I guess she came up with that when masturbating to her sloppy ass in sex video…or maybe the condition of her pussy after all the black cock has ravaged it…This cunt loves herself so much that it doesn’t matter what we think of her or not…so I dont know why I bother hating, I’ll just let the fat bitch make her healthy choice at the most vile fast food joint and pretend to believe it…like she pretends to care about her fans…despite selling Tweets for 10k a pop to advertisers…insanity…..I guess the Christmas miracle in all this is that people even give a fuck about this pig….I am talking to you…

HEre’s the bEhind the Scenes Shit…

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Audrina for Carl’s Jr of the Day

We don’t have Carl’s Jr here, but I used to have a friend who worked somewhere that got press packages from Carl’s Jr and everytime they’d release a burger they’d send him a cardboard cut out of it, and byt the looks of some of their burgers, you’d think just holding the cardboard cut out made you fuckin’ fatter. I used to get him to give me those cutouts so that I could torment my wife.

I’d put shit all over the house the days she announced she was going on a diet. I’d just bust it out randomly, because for her a burger was what pussy was for me, or what little boy ass is to a pedo.

I remember when we’d fuck, she’d make me put one of the burgers over my face and bitch would rock my cock better than normal, unfortunately, it’d make her hungry and she’d run out for a late night burger when I’d pass out and that was all part of her 150 pound weight gain.

It was all very fuckin’ fat, but not as fat as when she planned a solo trip to the states to experience the burger first hand and took pictures like she met the fuckin’ President or some shit.

Either way, they got Audrina to do the add, because despite having fat tits, her body’s rockin’ and a rockin’ body is a lot more appealing to market a burger than seeing some stretch-marked sloppy piece of shit of fat chick…

Yes, these are the same people that brought you Paris Hilton car wash.

Here’s their Alba commercial…

Here’s there Hot CHick on a Mechanical Bull commercial…

Here’s that Padma chick’s commercial….

And the Paris Hilton commercial….

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