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Carly Baker is Some UFC Ring Girl in FHM of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.13.46 PM

I don’t watch UFC, but I assume this Carly Baker chick is the replacement of the other blonde one that got beat the fuck up by her boyfriend…

UFC, like Ed Hardy, RIP CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER – THE GOD OF THE CHEESE DICKS….is designed or crafted for cheese dicks and trailer trash….

And the girls they use in their promo videos, like WWF, are these trashy stripper looking bitches, with fake tits, fake lips, and tight bodies, because it’s a sporting event…

I am not against any one, even if I hate everyone, I always support sluts and what look like Vegas hookers who find a marketable angle…whether that angle is being the jerk off material to a testosterone filled sport that is followed by pretty alpha hetero anti-gay dudes…who get excited watching dudes half nakedly wrestle each other…so throw in the tits to give focus to the boner or some shit…

Either way, Carly Baker.

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Carly Baker is the UFC’s Newest Ring Girl in Video of the Day

Carly Baker is the new UFC ring girl for Europe, because I guess they are branching out and having more than one event at a time, as part of their multi billion dollar empire, that people are obsessed with, cuz watching dudes beat the fuck out of each other is exciting, you know part of human nature, straight from the Roman Times…and I always just found it really gay, even with the babes they throw into the mix, cuz man on man action is just that….man on man action….gay foreplay…

But this weekend I watched the Rhonda Rossi fight and she was fucking hot as she destroyed the lesbian by stunning her with her tits in her face….in what the lesbian treated as clothed lesbian sex…before ripping her fucking arm off….

It was modern, more hardcore, less titty but still enough titty, mud wrestling and I liked it….

So as of today, I am converted and into UFC as long as it features chicks…and they don’t have to be hot chicks…just the vagina in the tapout shorts…makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things…

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Miss Carly Baker is the New UFC Ring Girl of the Day

Her name is Miss Carly Baker….and she is the new Ring Card girl for the UFC, who is making a debut this weekend, and she’s a UK Glamour model…I think….which isn’t too far of a stretch from being a Vegas stripper/show girl with a dream like previous UFC ring card girl Arianny Celeste….you know the table dance for the right table that led to this life of luxury all thanks to Dana White being based out of Vegas….

Here are some pics of their new blood….Miss Carly Baker….I wonder if she is as dignified and southern as she sounds….

Serioulsly, she makes me want to hit a luncheon to discuss the rise of the south over some lemonade at the plantation….#fact.

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