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Miss Carly Baker is the New UFC Ring Girl of the Day

Her name is Miss Carly Baker….and she is the new Ring Card girl for the UFC, who is making a debut this weekend, and she’s a UK Glamour model…I think….which isn’t too far of a stretch from being a Vegas stripper/show girl with a dream like previous UFC ring card girl Arianny Celeste….you know the table dance for the right table that led to this life of luxury all thanks to Dana White being based out of Vegas….

Here are some pics of their new blood….Miss Carly Baker….I wonder if she is as dignified and southern as she sounds….

Serioulsly, she makes me want to hit a luncheon to discuss the rise of the south over some lemonade at the plantation….#fact.

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Some UFC Ring Girl /ex-Stripper News of the Day

UFC girls are pretty much strippers…you know the typical show girl type who moved to Vegas with big stripper dreams and tight stripper jeans….only to luck out being the vagina in an otherwise super homosexual sport…

So our first UFC girl is Edith Labelle – she’s in an amazing lesbian themed video of some UFC ring girl named Edith Labelle teaching some erotic mixed martial arts shit called kimura….and it’s hot like 90s softcore porn….

And here’s some Arianny Celeste in some bikini pics for instagram….cuz she’s the den mother….who everyone loves….

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