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Cassie Scerbo Does the Worst Wonder Woman of All Time of the Day

Oh look another girl in a wonder woman costume…i wonder where she came up with this…oh right she probably got the idea for the 1000000s of girls who have rocked the same fucking costume since 1978….irrelevant cunt…needs to step her creative game up…she’s on the red carpet…hitting the costume shop saying “hey, I’ll take anything generic you got”….doesn’t fucking cut it for me….but maybe that’s cuz I am too cool for Halloween….or maybe I am just too cool for this Cassie Scerbo bitch…you know since I’ve never heard of her….because she is best known for “Bring It On: In It to Win It” and looking at her doing one of the worst, boxy, horrible Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen….doesn’t do it for me…even with her costume jacked up her twat….I am actually embarrassed for her….


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Decades of Denim Event I Wasn’t Invited To Brought Out Some Winners of the Day

There was an event that brought out some real huge celebrities….you know the kind of event that if the Taliban knew was goin’ on…they’d fly a fucking plane into the shit…you know cuz the world would not be able to function without these key players…they are combined as useless as the time you bought condoms before your Cancun springbreak trip, thinking you’d totally get laid cuz everyone there does, you know that finally your luck would turn around thanks to drug and booze fueled insanity…but unfortuantely, that wasn’t the fuckin’ case…however it was 10 years ago and you still have that unopened box of condoms cuz you’re not just a loser on Springbreak homeboy…

Cheryl Tiegs See Through of the Day

Ashlee Simpson was there lookin’ awkward

Cassie Scerbo showed off some tit…No, I’ve never heard of Cassie Scerbo either, but she has cleavage and that balances out staring at those pics of Ashlee Simpson…

Eliza Bennett had a bit of a see through…No, I’ve never heard of Eliza Bennett before…but whatever…

The only bitch worth noticing was Rose McGowan, but I’m biased, I always think she’s lookin’ hot…and that alone makes her very very fucking useful….

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