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Cassie Scerbo Bikini of the Day

Cassie Scerbo is so fucking lame….no wonder no one likes her for much but the tits.

Not only does she post her PRONOUNS in her instagram bio, like we couldn’t tell she’s got a cunt from the fucking bikini titty pics she posts….

But she also links to a non profit called BOO 2 BULLYING or some fucking nonsense that goes against EVERYTHING I believe…because BULLYING saves fucking lives, it makes people better versions of themselves, and the few pussies who off-themselves because they blame bullying, are too weak to be needed around these parts….and we all know if it wasn’t for the bullying, they’d still be killing themelves, just with other fucking excusese since killing yourself seems to be a fucking natural phenom our species does when they are too weak to survive….SELF DESTRUCT.

Yes, I am passionate about bullying and will start my own NON PROFIT called YAY 4 Bullying…two can play at this game SHE/HER SCERBO….

I would also argue that Cassie Scerbo doesn’t give a fuck about bullying, it’s all just stems from virtue signalling, showing off or guilt from wanting a vapid celebrity life so bad that she posts semi nudes online for attention….

I would also argue that Cassie Scerbo has indirectly bullied all the guys who wanted to fuck her that she rejected. MEAN GIRL….

The fact is, I don’t even know who Cassie Scerbo is…but she’s got an IMDB…and was in SHARKNADO….which appears to be the peak so far, because GO WOKE GO BROKE…Pronouns on Resumes get less responses….probably applies to casting couches too.


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Cassie Scerbo Lace Swimsuit of the Day

Cassie Scerbo Lace Slutty

Cassie Scerbo is some 30 year old with a fat ass she likes to put on the internet because she either thinks it is hot, or she knows that dudes are pervert and like any slutty content posted, making her get more likes…and likes are everything when you’re a nothing…

She’s been in a few shitty movies, like spin-off Bring it On, then Sharknado….a legend in the making…as she quarantines better than all of you…in your shitty apartments like some kind of loser…because you are some kind of loser.

Her sheer lingerie over a black thong is a weird fucking fashion trend that I think she just created in her trying to be slutty, pretending she’s not slutty, when slutty in the only thing that matters, you know and surviving a pandemic….

Cassie Scerbo Lace Slutty


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Cassie Scerbo Deep Pussy Stretch of the Day

Cassie Scerbo Deep Pussy Stretch

Here’s Cassie Scerbo showing you that she can put her feet behind her head, like every girl you’ve ever met who can do this. It’s one of those things that if they can do it, they fucking love doing it.

I remember in high school there was a girl who would do this and queef at the same time. The whole class would laugh, which seems weird now, but at the time we called it “Pussy farts” and it was hilarious and not a sexual thing. I wonder how queefing would go over as a lunch time activity amongst the weird kids these days? They’d probably be too bust having orgies to notice.

Sure, this is something we probably don’t need to know about Cassie Scerbo who we barely know but also something that I am glad to know. It makes the 29 year old dancer who was possibly a child star on the Corey Feldman school of Hollywood kick, in a group called “Slumber Party Girls” which I’ve never heard of but that sound like a legit fucking porno title you’d find on your porn sites, totally not suitable for children, unfortunately starring 15 year old girls….because if you have marketable talents. Use them.

Anyways, you can see her pussy mound in her leggings which makes the deep pussy spread, flexbility / yoga showing off all the more fun to stare at…..

Cassie Scerbo Deep Pussy Stretch


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Cassie Scerbo Titty Shake of the Day

Cassie Scerbo Tits

Cassie Scerbo was a member of an all girl pop band called SLUMBER PARTY GIRLS which also happens to be the name of my memoir and all a series of Larry Flynt produced porn from the 80s.

She’s 29 now, so it’s been a while since she was exploited by Disney for their Slumber Party erotica they produced in part for the kids, or to monetize off kids who bought into it and in part to satisfy the fantasies of the execs. You know you gotta love your work to be inspired. You know what they say doing what you love means you never work a day in your life….

She’s also been in the Sharknado series, so you know she’s a series fucking actor and here she is grabbing her big jiggly tit for some Tom Green looking motherfucker which is some of her best work. Which isn’t saying much but it’s saying her tits can carry her performances.

Cassie Scerbo Tits


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Cassie Scerbo Twerk of the Day

Cassie Scerbo Twerk

Cassie Scerbo from Slumber Party Girls in the CBS children’s music variety series Dance Revolution…wants you to know that TWERKING is still a thing, but then again, she’s 29 and out of touch, doing the twerk like it was 6 years ago, and she wasn’t about to turn 30 and basically fucking expire…

Cassie Scerbo TwerkCassie Scerbo Twerk


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Cassie Scerbo Gets Racy of the Day

Her name is Cassie Scerbo, she’s a child star who is now 28….

She’s getting everyone into the holiday spirit like you’d expect someone who was once famous and at the top of her game, even if you’ve never heard of her, amongst her peers she mattered, and at home she mattered, paying for all her Family’s shit like they were never going to end that meal train she was on…..

Her last relevant role was Sharknado, so you can understand why she’s doing things right, posing like this in her bed cuz the one thing we know about childstars is that they like to suck dick.

Keep up the good work…the legacy…

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Cassie Scerbo Does the Worst Wonder Woman of All Time of the Day

Oh look another girl in a wonder woman costume…i wonder where she came up with this…oh right she probably got the idea for the 1000000s of girls who have rocked the same fucking costume since 1978….irrelevant cunt…needs to step her creative game up…she’s on the red carpet…hitting the costume shop saying “hey, I’ll take anything generic you got”….doesn’t fucking cut it for me….but maybe that’s cuz I am too cool for Halloween….or maybe I am just too cool for this Cassie Scerbo bitch…you know since I’ve never heard of her….because she is best known for “Bring It On: In It to Win It” and looking at her doing one of the worst, boxy, horrible Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen….doesn’t do it for me…even with her costume jacked up her twat….I am actually embarrassed for her….


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Decades of Denim Event I Wasn’t Invited To Brought Out Some Winners of the Day

There was an event that brought out some real huge celebrities….you know the kind of event that if the Taliban knew was goin’ on…they’d fly a fucking plane into the shit…you know cuz the world would not be able to function without these key players…they are combined as useless as the time you bought condoms before your Cancun springbreak trip, thinking you’d totally get laid cuz everyone there does, you know that finally your luck would turn around thanks to drug and booze fueled insanity…but unfortuantely, that wasn’t the fuckin’ case…however it was 10 years ago and you still have that unopened box of condoms cuz you’re not just a loser on Springbreak homeboy…

Cheryl Tiegs See Through of the Day

Ashlee Simpson was there lookin’ awkward

Cassie Scerbo showed off some tit…No, I’ve never heard of Cassie Scerbo either, but she has cleavage and that balances out staring at those pics of Ashlee Simpson…

Eliza Bennett had a bit of a see through…No, I’ve never heard of Eliza Bennett before…but whatever…

The only bitch worth noticing was Rose McGowan, but I’m biased, I always think she’s lookin’ hot…and that alone makes her very very fucking useful….

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