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Cat Deeley in her Bikini of the Day

I don’t know who Cat Deeley is but I do know that despite her tight little body, she’s got the head of a fucking champion and by champion I mean someone who has the biggest head in town and wins the big head competition at the county fair year after year…Why the long face Cat? Oh cuz you’re inbred…Those British, so weird with their inbred games…

The funniest thing in all this is that she’s supposed to be a fashion model, or ex fashion model, but all I see is the face of a boxer, or wife who was married to a boxer, who sustained face injuries for half a decade…It’s like her features were assembled crooked by some drunken genetics…and for some reason she’s on TV….

Leading me to assume you find her hot, cuz she’s half naked in a bikini….but as far as I’m concerned, she needs to be doing a hell of a lot more for me to be won over…

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Cat Deeley Bikini Pics of the Day


Again, another British celeb in a bikini. This time some girl named Cat Deeley. She was the host of many MTV shows, I didn’t really check out what she’s up to now. She could still be an MTV host. The reason I am posting these pics is primarily because she is a “celebrity” I have never heard of in a bikini, which is something I commited to posting about in my Martine McCutcheon post just 3 minutes ago. I have nothing to say about this one, other than I like the way she serves her man a beer. I am not saying that because I think a women should wait on her man hand and feet, I do say it because I have a wife who can’t even open a can of fucking beans for me because her wrists are too fat to give her can-opening mobility. I’d tell her to take a hint from Cat Deeley, our useless bikini clad celebrity of the day, but my bitch doesn’t know who to read english. That is the end of this story.

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