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Serena Williams Touches Herself of the Day

I find it funny that this video of Serena Williams singing I TOUCH MYSELF while holding her tits came out a week ago, and I had no fucking idea, when 99 percent of what I do is post pictures of celebrities of various levels of sex appeal naked, half naked, or grabbing their tits in shameless campaigns disguised as CANCER awareness campaigns, even though everyone knows about cancer, everyone also knows there are cures for cancer the Big Pharma, who are also feeding America all the opiates, are hiding from the public, because they need people to have cancer to maximize their bottom line…all while the world cries about some judge pinning down some girl in high school when they were 12….even though when you were 12…you were pulling bra straps and asking girls to show you theirs if you show them yours..while playing doctor….life…stuffing your face with chemicals the government allows us to ingest because they are paid off and that cause cancer…great.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t consider Serene Williams a woman, but rather a fucking tank, who may or may not be unfair advantage in female tennis, some “She’s the Man, or Ladybugs RIP JONATHAN LANDIS, and the cause for the masculinization of tennis, whether she was born woman or not, she’s a beast, and likely has a dick somewhere in there….a dick the founder of Reddit likes to suck…rich people and their weird fetishes…

In other, totally unrelated news, I spent my night watching clips of KOKO the Gorilla doing sign language on Youtube last night, what a fascinating creature, who loved being tickled by Robin Williams…makes me sad she’s dead..

You racists….don’t realize that I only see one color, one race, the human race….because you only see your own racism…

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Serena Williams White Boy Fucker Pregnant Erotica of the Day

I have a female tennis fetish…because it’s sexy, the grunts, the high society, the panty flashes….and I have a hot black chick fetish…the tits, the ass, the chocolate skin tones….so you’d think I’d die for Serena Williams…known white boy fucker and very famous and well paid athlete….

But for some reason, she has the exact opposite effect on me, she terrifies me…she’s a monster to me….she’s the worst of both those things…

The founder of Reddit who knocked her up seems to have a different take on it….in this pregnant erotica photoshoot for Vanity Fair celebrating love and what I thought was a tranny doing the whole LADY BUG – RIP Jon Brandis – Dude plays a girl in the girl sport league to win….but I guess isn’t…not that hot…but it happened…

I feel like this won’t be posted on reddit and my site won’t blow up from all the traffic making me relevant…because Founders are crazy and don’t like their baby mommy’s called trannies on the internet…CENSORS…evil BILLIONAIRES…

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Serena Williams Models Lingerie of the Day

In things that I think should never happen in the history of humanity – here is Serena Williams modeling lingerie….becuase I guess at her level of rich and famous athlete, she can do whatever the fuck she wants….

Not to mention, I’ve met countless white dudes, who aren’t even Tennis fans, who think she’s the hottest thing ever, mainly because her ass has a mind and body of it’s own…it’s ridiculous…the kind of ass your penis can’t penetrate, even when you have a 14 inch penis…and the crazy thing in all this is that she only dates white guys, because let’s face it, tennis is pretty fucking White…

So maybe I am wrong about calling her “Jonathan Brandis in Ladybugs RIP” all these years…maybe thinking she was a boy, put in girls tennis, to make the family money was a misstep on my part…maybe she’s actually destined to do lingerie modeling…the next Victoria’s Secret model…you know the athlete edition for their sports line…they’ve let a Kardashian into their empire, at least Serena would make sense…

Here are the pics.

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Serena Williams Tennis Booty in a Bikini of the Day

Serena Williams embodies absolutley nothing tennis represents for me, and not because I am a white pant wearing socialite upper middle class motherfucker who sips cocktails at the tennis club, talking about my investments, or new ventures, while my mistress plays tennis as my wife spends my money shopping…but because I have always had a tennis fetish, maybe because I was never allowed in the tennis club, or maybe because skinny, fit, white girls flashing their panties while grunting like they are being savagely fucked up the ass as part of their sport is erotic…while these Serena Williams booty is just fucking savage…I mean it’s so big and scary and would require massive penis to deal with…

The good news is I know so many white dudes, rich white dudes, who love being smothered by this kind of thing, because it’s different and got more flavor than the skinny white girls who are with them for their money…

I am on the fence about whether this is good or bad, I just know I can’t stop staring…so it is something.


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Senena Williams Raps and Does the Splits for Beats by Dre of the Day

If you read this site, you will know that I have a women’s tennis fetish. It is the only sport that I find sleazy enough to keep me interested enough to watch. Short skirts, pornographic grunts, panty flashes, sweat, all while being white collar and classy…it’s just an erotic experience…as long as Serene Williams isn’t participating, or winning, despite being an amazing atheletic force that you could confuse for being a dude up on some Ladybug RIP Jonathan Brandis shit…or some She’s the Man RIP Amanda Bynes shit…or just a little more testosterone than you or I have….

But seeing her doing the splits as she raps for Beats by Dre…is almost erotic…but totally erotic to my friend who has a big black woman smothering him with her big ass fetish…

Hot or not, it’s worth watching…she’s flexible beast…and white men have fucked her…

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Serena Williams Bikini Action of the Day

Serena Williams was born a man.

There’s no way that this creature, despite what the bikini is telling you, is an actual woman….

She is up on som “She’s a man”…”Ladybug” shit..her dad was clearly a tennis obsessed dude who figured throwing some color into the mix would change the sport for ever, and in doing that it is possible that he conditioned her to destroy the little white RUssian bitches with her monster serve that she was up against…

You see I actually watch women’s tennis, it’s one of the more erotic sports out there, but every time Serena makes a bitch grunt, I feel like I’m watching black on blonde huge penis porn…

Now I know, people love big black women, and I know she’s a big pro athlete, but I just can’t believe her clit isn’t a dick that’s tucked in during medical checks…

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let her sit on my face and smother me…because I would….


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Serena Williams Scary Bikini Pic of the Day

Serena Williams has some pretty big tits in her bikini top. I would expected her to have pecs.

You see cuz I am convinced that in a few years, some DNA testing will take place, and we will find out that the Williams sisters were in fact just like Amanda Bynes in “She’s the Man”….only the opposite.

I’m talking scandal about whether they are actually women, or just some hormonally altered hybrid gender that is trained to kill at least on the tennis courts.

I don’t find these girls attractive, probably because I am not a homosexual closeted, who needs tits on my trannies as a gateway to gay sex….

They’re big, they’re intimidating, they are champion, and one of them is in a bikini.

I can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or not, but I’m posting it anyway.

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Serena Williams Bikini Pic for Twitter of the Day

Serena Williams is no Venus Williams and that is a probably a good thing, because Venus Williams is the shit that movie Ladybugs was based on, you know a simple bait and switch, grow out your hair, take these hormones, and amputate your cock, you’re gonna make daddy millions by destroying other women who have the disadvantage of being actual women, cuz equality is a bitch, when women just aren’t equals….

That said, she’s in a bikini, pouring sand on a bitch with hot tits, and the last time I saw a black dude do this to a white girl, she ended up pregnant…it’s the whole why to fat white women go to jamiaca on vacation alone….to get fucked cuz no one’s willing to fuck them back home….and the Jamaicans will fuck anything that doesn’t mind paying for it….even if it means playing with the slob on the fucking beach for all to see…who cares.

I approve of this message:


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Serena Williams’ Rocking Tennis Booty Bounce of the Day

Nothing makes you feel more like a man than jerking off to a bitch who is built thicker than a man…at least that’s what a tranny whore told me last night…which amazed me less than the fact that all the whores at the hotel bar were trannies after 5:30 am…it’s like where did the pussies go…why were they such pussies and why was I negotiating prices even though I had no real interest in chicks with dick and never have….but I’ll use these pics of Serena Williams big fat ass bouncing with her muscles to celebrate last night…

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Serena Williams Fat Ass Bikini of the Day

This is a Christmas miracle a day late…or maybe it is a boxing day special…whatever it is amazing….a big black athlete’s manly ass with a bikini bottom jacked up it….I know that is the only thing that was on my list this year….and now it’s all come true…and to think I thought Santa was against me cuz I wasn’t a little kid for him to molest and bribe with toys….I was wrong about that pervert…

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