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Serena Williams Pregnancy Erotica of the Day

Serena Williams is pregnant with the dude from Reddit who didn’t kill himself after selling off to Conde Nast…that was the other one…instead this one took his billions of internet money…and used it to live out a very weird sexual fetish, because ultimately, who a man knocks up is representative of their fetish, whether it is a hot sugar baby gold digging, or a famous actress, or a successful athlete or some weird youthful asian import…or some 500 pound pig of a woman the dude is presenting it to the world.. what he couldn’t resist cumming inside..

Now I love tennis, and I respect this woman’s ability, or love for skinny white boys, but I don’t really understand why someone not gold digging her, would be turned on by her…but I guess people are weird and I do have a friend who likes being smothered by fat black women and their monster tits, maybe this is like that…WHO knows…not me…but trying to like her pregnant tits in this sport bra…isn’t working out for me.

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Irina Shayk “Pre Sunset” Post “Lottery Ticket” Bikini Pic of the Day

Irina Shayk is Russian, so that means she’s disciplined, and knows her objectives and the tasks needed to reach those objectives.

Whether it’s getting out of Russia and making herself famous….getting campaigns and cashing in as a top model cuz she’s hot…

Or knowing to lock in the A-Lister Brad Cooper – by getting knocked up by him – knowing it’ll keep on paying….in perpetuity. She was 31 it was time…

Clever Russian…

She also knows how to pose…her body to hide the damage of the baby weight, or maybe their is no Baby weight…Russians are crazy….with their gold medal wins and nuclear warfare and etc….

I’m still a fan, even though her vagina is broken, despite being a gold winner….

Maybe you’re more into Serena WIlliams Pregnancy announcement…with dot com Billionaire Reddit dude…

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Serena Williams Dancing of the Day

I don’t know what’s more erotic….Serene Williams doing a dance routine….the reminds me of that John Voight’s dancing, not not the night he molested Angelina Jolie before he knew she was her daughter after she seduced him, because she’s dark….from the music video where he’s dancing like this…but I am going with John Voight because it has less testosterone…

I also don’t know why Serena Williams is now seen as a dancer. She twerked in a Beyonce video, she’s twerked for some Shape or Self Magazine, which was disturbing, despite her awesomely huge ass….

I do know that she’s marrying the founder of Reddit, no not the dead one, and that this site has been banned off reddit since reddit was a link dump not a community, but if it wasn’t…it’d be nice to have it front page…I need the relevance…do it to celebrate big, fit, athletic women..that anyone who fucks…we know has some really interesting…fetishes…and not interesting in a “let’s discuss why you like this”…interesting in “what happened to you in your youth, did you jerk off to pancake boxes and National Geographic”….because this is a uniquely shaped woman…sure, she’s accomplished, probably bright, fit…charismatic, rich and all the other good things that come with being a champion….but that body is some thickness that requires 10 inch dicks just to penetrate the pussy hole…

Fascinating….I’m actually staring at the screenshot…and loving it…so maybe this isn’t a farm animal fetish…but a fertility fetish…I’m seeing the appeal…but I am also a disturbed pervert so I should see the appeal.

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Scary Serena Williams Bikini Pic of the Day


The scariest thing about these Serena Williams boxing some dude on the beach -is that the dude in the pics is actually 6 foot 6…..

She’s a fucking monster, a giant, with an ass that is bigger than the average human…making you wonder whether she’s actually a woman, or a product of an opportunist father who wanted his “girls” to destroy the white girls at the tennis club, because strong athleticism is a way to earn respect and a lot of money – and if you start young with the hormones and sex changes – the kids don’t even remember being born with penis….unless they are just big, strong, athletic women…in which case they are terrifying…

To like this is to possibly to have a sexual disfunction, or maybe you’re gay and don’t know it…because I have seen trannies who are more feminine than this, and sure trannies have something to prove and are always more girl than girls, it’s part of the transition…and a tranny would never go out looking this masculine in a bikini because they spent money and time trying to transition….

But I do know dudes, regular dudes, who have big black girl fetishes…they just love the massive ass and tits of fertility to smother them…so…ultimately we are all a bunch of faggots with questionable fetishes and to me this is scary…but to all the horny fucks…this could be everything…a huge ass in a bikini dominating a man….some of us like girls who can’t run from us due to weakness – while others like not being able to run away from a woman…whatever works, who cares what you get off to…but this is weird…not the kind of tennis player I’d jerk off to…

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Serena Williams Ass of the DAy


I don’t think there is any debate that Serena Williams is on the “She’s a Man” program…starring Amanda Bynes…or was that Lady Bug with Jonathan Brandis…you know the age old story of men being stronger than women – so throw them into women’s sports dressed like a woman….to fucking win…

I just don’t understand why her hormone levels have never been released to the media, outlining that she’s a man, maybe they know how to dose estrogen before the tests…who knows…but I also don’t understand how dudes fuck her, because she does fuck dudes, I mean I know it’ll be through her pooper hole, but that ass cheek is so fucking big, you’d need a monster dick to penetrate the anus seal….

I guess I’d need to watch her sex videos to really grasp it…but luckily those don’t exist yet….even though I’d probably try to jerk off to them because they’re something new and different…right…


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Serena WIlliams HalButt in a High Concept Instagram Style Photoshoot of the Day


Here’s everyone’s favorite black tennis star disrupting the world of fashion or instgran fashion where everyone is a “model” with her body positive, love yourself enough, despite all your muscles that aren’t very pretty, exhibitionist slut behavior, like she disrupted the tennis industry back when black people weren’t allowed into tennis clubs….

I’m convinced that she’s genetically a man, if DNA testing happened, she would be a man…I know, I know it’s not that there are genders anymore, we are all one gender, but that in the time, when there were genders, her dad had to come up with a clever way to succeed at a woman’s sport that could actually make money…and that wouldn’t even notice the gender issue – because they were too distracted by the whole black thing, or the fact that there were two of them….we call it a good old fashioned curve ball, and here are her curves..while the dick be tucked…

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Serena Williams Big “Girl” Tits…of the DAy


Serena Williams…titty show is something I could do without…in life…there’s a social conscious approach to content you gotta take…and in this white washed entitled count – white privilege world…where Black Lives Matter…I feel the need to post some black content…to show that the black people can be just as entitled black privileged as white people…especially when they are tennis players…a white sport that is so white they force you to wear white…

That’s not to say Serena Williams is a woman, but it is what she’d want you to think showing all this Bruce Jenner tit…

It’s all part of keeping up that illusion that her Testosterone Levels are not too high to be thrown into the men’s league…but we are in an era of no gender, where you choose your gender and if I was a male tennis player, I’d only play against the girls…to ensure being the champion….you know since men and women are equally strong…right?

All this to say – I’m onto you…and that ridiculous ass…

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Serena Williams Teaches you How to Twerk of the Day

Self Magazine put out this video a week ago – which is a fetish video to some, I have white friends who fucking love big black women and pay them 10 dollars a song to dance, every time they can, only to wash their cheap perfume off them in a puddle outside the club, even when warned it may be homeless man piss, as to not piss off their wife who is sleeping back at home…

It’s athlete / Monster Serena Williams – your TEAM USA Olympian and pro multi millionaire tennis god…who for many years I just assumed was a dude – doing the Lady Bug / Amanda Bynes in “She’s a Man”…swaperoo – assuming no one will text her hormones – because they could just argue the white washed sport was being racist like this was a country club acceptance process to eliminate the black and the jews in the 50s…

She’s twerking, 3 million people watched this….I was one of those people and now – so are you

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.26.38 PM

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Serena Williams in Glamour Magazine of the Day


If you’re wondering what’s so Glamourous about Serena Williams posing like this…I would assume it’s the party dresses that showcase her monster fucking legs…because this pro athlete is a big fucking girl….or maybe it’s the pile of money her and her sister have made as the most iconic black Tennis Players in a white washed sport that would normally never let black people into the country club – unless it was to do the gardening or to work as a locker room valet / butler who offers the white society clean towels or to wash their white backs in the showers like the poofters men in locker rooms tend to be…

Now, I don’t have a big strong, masculine, solid, clydesdale of a woman fetish…but I know so many dudes who would love to be leg locked, face choking on steroid clit, smothered in a wrestle they lost so this one’s for you…

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