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ChiChi Hadid’s Vogue China Stamp of Approval of the Day


China may be building a world class military to blow up the fucking world, all while running sweatshops that make you everything you own or buy, which is what finances their world class military that will blow up the fucking world…

But they also have great taste in American talent, you know natural talent the world has just found on their own, and not because the parents milked their connections to get her here.

Gigi Hadid, who is more of a Chichi to me….just a spoiled pretentious cunt who deserves zero, but everyone around her celebrates her because they are on her payroll as she sits on her of pile of money….and now China is up on it….

Here she is for CR Book….b


The LOL of the day is her sister Bella, who is rumored to be fucking The Weeknd along with everyone else in the Greater Toronto Area, who like Gigi, decided to do the instagram model, pretending to be a real model hustle, but required a little more elbow grease, or what the rich people like to call, maintenance…as clearly – she’s been rebuilt…

It takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes 100k of Plastic Surgery to make that child a vapid internet model….

Or maybe – it was just puberty!


Here she is Rockin’ a See Through shirt..in the UK…So Fancy…


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