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Kelis Cameltoe Pictures of the Day

I never understood the whole horse fetish . I remember I came across the shit years ago, where motherfuckers had these leather harnesses that looked like horse heads, they’d have horsetail buttplugs, and shit was a huge thing, like we lived in a time before the automobile, when your horse and a native were the only thing you had to fuck when crossing the frontier in search for gold…

I also never understood these hipster idiot club kids who wore fetish gear in public like it was stylish or shocking or some shit because it just looks stupid and I sure as hell don’t get what Kellis is doing here, it’s like she’s some kind of princess from another planet but shit looks like a fucking joke….what I do get though is cameltoe, cuz all that there is to that is a pussy big enough to each whatever clothing a bitch is wearing…and here are the weird pics…

Pics via LFI

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