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The Price is Creepy of the Day

I love watching TV from the 60s, 70s and even the 80s because it’s not politically correct, or sensitive to issues that may offend someone, because guess everything offends someone nowadays and no one wants to be associated with something that may get shat on by some bullshit activist group, making our world a far more vanilla and boring place..

Before feminist lesbians, when women were paid less than men, we were allowed to make sexual references towards them withough getting arrested….but now everything is so fucking cautious and it is just breeding a society of drab, dull people with no substance, personality or sense of fucking humor…

Cuz Bob Barker isn’t being all that bad here, if anything he makes the show worth stomaching and maybe Drew Carey or Luis Anderson or whoever the host is now should take some fucking notes, cuz talkshow hosts who cheated on their wives and drank their faces off, had a fuckin’ soul….

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Creepy Sex Doll Pics of the Day


I was inspired by my Beckham is a sex doll post, so I went on a quest to find a man and his doll in romantic love affair. This is what I came up with. I think the pictures speak for themself, dude’s in love with his doll, an unhealthy obsession but he’s got a beard and that in itself is creepy. I would say that I hope this guy is none of your dad’s but a man who loves a doll probably has very little real vagina, so little that knockin a bitch up isn’t an issue, either is STDs. If we’re lucky, this motherfucker is your teacher, or neighbor or manager at Best Buy. Because that would make this post funny.

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