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I am – Alena Seredova is 6 Month Pregnant Model on the Runway of the Day


Here are some pictures of model Alena Seredova modeling her underwear collection 6 months pregnant and full of milk. She is a Czech model and Czech girls are known for being pornstars so this bitch proves us right by showing us how fertile she is when dude dropped load in her 6 months ago…so off….

I remember one night when I was stuck in the rain and a car pulled up next to me and this Eastern European family offered me a lift. I thought it was fucking weird but I got in anyway because I was drunk and I wasn’t in the mood to get yet. The problem with not washing your clothes is that getting them wet brings out all the smells I tried so hard to cover-up.

Either way, the people seemed harmless,that was until I was sitting in the van and noticed they had about 5 kids in there all cramped in and the creepy glazed over eyes of the wife made me realize I was in over my head. The music started going and it was some freaky bible shit that they were all singing along to and that’s when I tried to get the fuck out of the car but they had used to child locks and I was locked in. They drove the complete opposite direction from where they said they would take me and at first I was trying to be polite about the whole thing and believed the asshole when he said he was lost. Then I started thinking that these psycho Christians wanted to either save me by kidnapping me and taking my drunken ass to their compound or they were going to eliminate me because I represented what they hated in the world or what Jesus hated in the world. I don’t know how I got out of the whole mess, I think I may have conspired with one of the girls who turned out was not even their kid but was someone they picked up too but I don’t really remember, because I don’t even know if this shit happened to me or if it was just a dream I had while wasted 10 years ago that I took for truth…But I survived…

Much like Alena Seredova’s baby will survive, not because she didn’t get an abortion but because she’s broken from the communist regime, has made money and will be able to feed it more than rationed meat and potatoes…and because she didn’t get an abortion…I don’t know what I am saying just click the fucking pictures asshole…


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