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Dina Lohan’s Possible Pantyless Upskirt of the Day

I don’t thing this is actually a pantyless up skirt of Dina Lohan because if it was, I wouldn’t be posting it, I’d be either trying to figure out the many folds of her old dead cunt, or celebrating the broken down labia that made Lindsay…or dead from achieving all I set out to achieve in life….probably while crying…because this is some rancid and horrible shit…that for some reason I would find glorious…

I do think this is just old fat thighs, and old fat ass, covering up old dead vagina, even though it could use the publicity like it was a decade ago…

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Dina Lohan Erotica of the Day

I really want to have sex with Dina Lohan. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that her mangled vagina shat out Lindsay Lohan….or if I am turned on by her evil stage mom who stole her daughter’s childhood and soul in efforts to live out her own dream of fame….fame that she ended up getting jealous of when it worked….because it probably means hot sex…..or if I am just into the fact that she’s bottom feeding so hard she’s doing Dr Phil…a show that already bottom feeds so hard to stay on the air….making this shit a party of the bottom feeders and that’s sexy like a 70s porn set..or maybe I just like her tan.


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Dina Lohan Old Scary Hot Mom Vagina of the Day

Oh how I’d love to know what Lohan’s mom’s holy grail of a pussy that made our favorite fantasy Lindsay Lohan looks, tastes, smells and feels. Ex Rockette gone wrinkled, dry, possibly booze soaked, menopausal and fantastic, luxurious, trash…. For some reason I feel like it’s probably like a gay man’s anus but as long as there aren’t balls, I’d down…. and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Dina Lohan’s Stained Leggings of the Day

If there’s one thing I know about the Lohan’s it is that they are well versed with stains, whether those stains are the Lohans on the entertainment industry, or the stains all over their clothes in order to become and remain the stain on the entertainment industry, seriously a lot of dick sucking and cumshots were taken to get them where they are today, the only problem is they need a hell of a lot more than Tide with Bleach to get rid of them, seriously, 90 percent of the coke these bitches have been huffing has been cut with detergent and they are still fucking standing….so seeing Lohan momma with dirty leggings she’s wearing cuz she’s competitive and trying to be hotter than her 15 year old daughter by dressing like her and humiliating herself in the process, something the family seems good at…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lohan, the supportive sister….

Lohan has one of those psycho mother, who had dreams of being famous but only landed a job as a Rockette, doing the fuckin’ Can-Can back in the 70s. Now I am not anti-showgirls, but I realize being a Rockette, is the equivalent of being an upscale stripper. It’s like when you look at the prostitution hierarchy, you have the streetwhores and the tranny whores at the 50 dollar level, you have the escorts that fuck you for 100 – 250 dollar an hour level, these are the ones advertised in the back of all the local papers and then you have the highclass bitch that cost 1000 dollars and hour and only escorts you to the Opera or dinner, only willing to put out if she likes you enough and thinks your worth it. So essentially you are paying a bitch for her company, with no guarantees of pussy, but that girls still a whore. That’s what Lohan’s mom is to the entertainment world, a glorified stripper, who doesn’t get naked. What good is that, so she settles down with some drug addict/boozer and has 14 kids in efforts that one will become famous. Now we all know what Lohan’s done for us, yesterday I posted on her little sister, well today I post on the brother, a striking young redhead, that Lindsay is pointing at and laughing at. He is the thirs Lohan to break into the industry, maybe he’s the one who will get it right. I am sure there are typos within this post, I know you hate my spelling mistakes. I guess you deserve an explination. I never went to post-secondary education and I am hung over. Last night I drank red wine. I felt pretty fuckin’ luxurious. Unfortunately, it was 7 dollars a bottle, which means it tasted like piss.

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