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Jessica Simpson is Fat and Dressed Like a Disco ball of the Day

Jessica Simpson is my favorite emotional eater who was once relevant. The reason she is my favorite is because how broken she is and how we know it because it shines through in her dress size. Whether it’s gotta do with the fact that her cunt, useless sister everyone hated who was in her fucking shadow all these years has made a huge fucking comeback in her career from being on 90210 to getting a gig in the play version of Chicago, making her more successful than Jessica Simpson, but more importantly she is also happily married to a bisexual guy who doesn’t fuck her except to make babies that she is the proud parent of, while Jessica Simpson just eats and eats and eats cuz no one loves her and all her men leave her and even her dog committed suicide by getting eaten by a coyote to not deal with her heavy petting and her stupidity, cuz we all saw the reality show back when she was famous, and we all know she’s annoying as shit…

I figure in 20 more pounds, she’d be so low she’d be willing to bang one of us, so let’s start sending her baked goods, cuz we all know she’ll eat them as she cries….

Here she is dressed like a disco ball because I guess when you’re shaped like a ball, you might as well dress up like the most glamorous ball around…but what the fuck do I know…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Brittany Gastineau and Her Disco Ball Tits of the Day

If you’re in the mood for some useless, rich breasts that are dressed like a disco ball, becaue when you’re useless and rich, your entire life is a fuckin’ party, and you like advertising that to the fucking world, while busting out of her dress. Then here you go.

I went to a stripclub this past weekend, because I was in the mood to see some useless, poor, struggling breasts that were dressed like they belong on the shelf in a ghetto sex shop, it wasn’t much of a party, because the fucking whores kept filing through to the creepy rapist motherfucker drinking perrier, who hadn’t showerd in a while, but clearly masturbated a lot, I could tell by his haircut.

So being rejected to the goodlookin’ guy, or the rich guy, or the friendly outgoing guy makes sense to me, and doesn’t fuck my self esteem, but when the strippers choose the rapist over you, you know it may be time to get out of those sweatpants…..

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