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RIP Motherfucker the Dom DeLuise Edition of the Day

I just heard this now, because I don’t have my finger on the pulse of pop culture, but I do sometimes get lucky enough to have my finger inside pop culture, and by pop culture I mean unsuspecting college girls who had a little too much too drink and happen to fall asleep while I am on the couch next time them, and by sometimes, I mean never.

But Dom DeLuise died in his sleep at 6 pm. He was 75. He had a good life. He was fat. He probably would have lived another 10 years if he ate a little less, exercised a little more, advice I don’t give my wife, because she’s seen her prime and I feel it’s time for her to say goodbye to this mean world.

Either way, here’s some youtube videos of him, to remind you who he is, in the event you forgot.

Here he is on Dean Martin’s Show….

Here he is with Dean Martin Again

Here he is as Pizze The Hut in Spanish

Here he is with Dom DeLuise on Johnny Carson’s Show…

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