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Donatella Versace Hot, Old, Plastic Faced Porn Granny of the Day

Just earlier today I was out getting coffee, pondering the rich plastic woman in front of me, and how lady ass loses its roundess as it gets older…slowly melting away into menopause no matter how much botox she jacks up her face with…and for some reason…I got hard.

So I was very happy to come home to these pictures of Donatella Versace, a bitch rocking the same look to jerk off to….

Now I know, the hottest thing about Donatella Versace, I mean besides with the plastic face that looks like every rich woman with fake blonde hair, from pornstar to real housewife, is her anorexic daughter ALLEGRA VERSACE , who looks like a pile of bones I want to fuck, knowing it’ll be too weak to fuck back, cuz corpse is the new fat chick, kinda thing….

But since I only have pics of the tacky, plastic, porn looking mom at the launch of some new H&M co-brand, you know cuz Allegra was too busy starving herself at home to attend, I’ll just post the pics of the mom, for those of you weird enough to get off to this old, plastic, rich looking disgustingness….and god knows I love all things disgusting….

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Are These Pictures of a Topless Donatella Versace of the Day

Someone emailed these into me and I’m not sure if they are of a tan addicted, plastic surgery piece of shit ex stripper, or if shit is Donatella Versace like they are advertised….I don’t know when they were taken or how old they are. I just know that there comes a point when the fake hair, fake tits, fake face, and horrible skin color kinda spills over and makes these pig women all look the same, whether they are ex strippers, pornstars, Jewish grandmothers in Florida, victims of hollywood or rich and famous luxury brand designers…..What do you think?

To See THe Pics Follow This LInk

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