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Nicki Minaj Pushed Up Tits for Drake’s Dis Track of the Day



Poptart Drake makes me laugh. He is not authentic, he borrows shit all the time, he is just marketable as fuck…I just don’t understand how a child star who was slated for a Disney special in terms of acting, but who decided “shit, I’m not cool, rap is cool, I’m an actor, I can act better than these hood rappers, my dad I never met was a musician, maybe I’ll obsessively do this and ride my celebrity and make as much money as possible, so people forget who I really am”….and it worked…dude, a Jewish business man, with an ability to work his way to the fucking top…

Anyway, Meek Mill, is hating on Drake, I don’t cover Rap Music, but Bill Cosby hates on it, he’s more into RAPE music…

Meek Mill says Drake can’t write his own songs, or doesn’t write his own songs, even though no one writes their own song in music, and I believe that writing raps requires very little talent that a 3 year old could pull off, if they can read the internet, so I’d be surprised if he can’t….and I don’t think it matters if he does or doesn’t, he can sell product, so who cares who writes the songs, Drake isn’t street, he’s fucking Bieber,…not literally..fucking Bieber…but is the same level of cheese as Bieber, only I can stomach Drake’s music…amd he may be fucking Beiber…I mean Usher is…

Here’s the dis, because beef, are what the people want….

Doesn’t matter…Drake has a hit song with Nicki Minaj…and that she’s on tour, in Montreal tonight actually, hit me up girl..

All this to say, Drake is a poptart…this beef is not a beef, it’s just homotional….

This is just the WWE, WWF, Hip Hop beef to generate buzz, conflict, controversy on the basic of basic “Gladiator” dramatic curve people fucking love…and these assholes just make lots of money doing…

Here’s the dis track, because beef, is what the people want….

Here’s Some Nicki Minaj, the girl, I assume is a girl, caught in the middle of this fight, because #money…in a Meek Mill song they are Promoting….

It’s just a vehicle for all idiots to jump on this nonsense, because the world is no dealing with actual issues…

People, artists, especially hugely marketable performers, all collaborate and credit motherfuckers…so Drake doesn’t write all his own songs…fascinating…no one does, these are just puppets made to make money and I guess we’re participating in that…

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Drake Gets Flashed of the Day

Drake may be hyped to fucking shit, but his music bores the fuck out of me. The dude is not gangster. He is not interesting. He is not even black. His mom who raised him in a rich part of town is more Jewish than a fucking Rabbi and she probably just got knocked up by his dad cuz she was trying to piss off the community…because she was tired of spending her days at the hair salon and getting her nails done. He was a Canadian TV star, which isn’t saying much, but he started out with more money than real rappers from the streets, so he should definitely keep paying off girls in his audience to flash him, not only does it make him look like people care about him, but it also gives his fans something to watch instead of falling the fuck asleep at his show….

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing him perform and he fucking sucks, but tits don’t.

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Drake’s New Video’s Got Some Big Tits in it of the Day

I am slow on this shit because I haven’t been reading my emails the last week, I’m on strike, but he’s the most anticipated dude in hip hop and I find the whole thing kinda funny because he is a half-jewish Canadian who was on some TV show and there’s nothing hood about that, but who needs fuckin’ hood when you get all the bitches, and here they are with their tits.

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