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Johnny Depp Drives Cars Kinda Gay of the Day

I don’t know how you guys drive your cars, but if you do it while sitting on a fat guy’s lap, you’re pretty fuckin’ gay, and that concludes short posts on dudes for the day.

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Some Lohan Eratic Driving of the Day

The funniest thing about this whole Rihanna thing isn’t that he lived up to racist stereotypes, or that my preconceived notions of dancers being fags, meanwhile this Chris Brown motherfucker choked Rihanna to the point of passing the fuck out and left bite marks like any real man who would, but is that it all went down in a rented Lambo and nothing screams ganster’s paradise like that shit.

Speaking of cars, here’s Lohan driving like an idiot because she has a vagina, thinks she’s invincible and has multiple personality disorder. I guess what I am trying to say is why couldn’t it have been Ronson choking out Lohan and threatening her life, I know they are busy sharing their lives and panties with each other so that won’t happen, but we all know this video would end better if it was one of those crazy car crashes you’d see on Fox in the 90s. You know, where the driver crashes into a bus full of children, I think that’d be a good end for her, almost poetic, you know since her dad stole her childhood, now she’s stolen the childhood of these kids..

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