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The Devil is Haitin’ on Haiti the Day

America is fucked up….How do you people allow these people on TV? A huge percentage of you are Christian, poor, uneducated idiots who give people like this money, celebrity when he’s just scamming you. He knows as well as you do that there’s no God. He just offers you false hope cuz it makes him million. You just have to wait for him to get caught sucking cock and meth off some homeless man in a back alley or in his mansion before you believe it.

Seriously, you Americans scare the fuck out of me with this ignorance and religious shit and. It’s the ereason I can’t get beer advertisers or any advertisers on my lovely site I call home.

Sure, you can’t jerk off to this, unless destruction and death caused by natural disaster is your thing…..which I am pretty sure at least one person out there does get off to…..which leaves this post uneasier than when it started….

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