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Kate Moss Does Charity Show for Haiti of the Day

I would have thought Kate Moss would have been more into doing charity work for HIV, you know since she’s had sex with so many needle sharing heroin users over the course of her life and career, cuz dirty rockstar cock is her thing, making her at risk for the shit and maybe she knows it or that she has it and hasn’t made it public and that’s the real reason she’s doing this good deed, you know to rack up some brownie points in case their is a God and she needs to counter him when he greets her at the gates with a list of shit she’s done that makes her the vile fucking girl that matches her vile fucking vagina destined for hell….you know the whole bad mother, drug user, cheater, pig who did nothing good for society cuz she was too self absorbed only for her to say “but there was that Haiti charity thing, remember that?”……kinda thing….

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AnnaLynne McCord Fakes Caring About Haiti of the Day

With every Natural Disaster or Tragedy comes a handful of motherfuckers who actually care…like Paul Haggis who was doing work in Haiti before the earthquake and who held a brunch for his Hollywood friends to manipulate them into donating. Then there are the people who didn’t know they cared but realized that they do because it either affects people they know or it happened at a time in their life where it just affects them. Then there’s the fucking bullshit, self absorbed idiots, who have never done anything except for themselves and their egos, who only care because it makes them look good or draws attention to their almost useless celebrity, who figures going to a big Director like Paul Haggis’ house may help her get work down the line like Annalynne McCord.

On a sidenote AnnaLynne McCord must have pulled some strings, or a seat freed up, or she snuck the fuck in and they let her stay cuz she was showing off her nipples, because the flyer she is advertising says “Artists” on it. I guess she’s happy to have finally been grouped as an “Artist”, it’s like her career has finally peaked. She’s made it. Someone other than her has bundled her in with “Artists” even though she is anything but an artist..she just wants to be one and I guess that’s just another example of how Hollywood is ego stroking bullshit….

Pics via Bauer
Pics via Fame

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Conspiracy Theory in Haiti of the Day

I have been yelled at by everyone I talk to about my conspiracy that the USA set off an Earthquake in Haiti in efforts to take over their government for whatever reason (Cuba), and figured this type of thing would show how weak the current government, making the Haitian people open to letting the USA take over. Sure I could be totally wrong and maybe my readers, friends, the drunk lady I told this to on the bus and everyone else who calls me fucking crazy is right. I don’t have any validation, proof and I really know nothing about politics, it just seemed to make sense to me and I guess it made sense to everyone’s favorite Communist Dictator pretty much saying I was right..

That said doesn’t mean Haiti isn’t suffering and you should donate if you can…

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The Devil is Haitin’ on Haiti the Day

America is fucked up….How do you people allow these people on TV? A huge percentage of you are Christian, poor, uneducated idiots who give people like this money, celebrity when he’s just scamming you. He knows as well as you do that there’s no God. He just offers you false hope cuz it makes him million. You just have to wait for him to get caught sucking cock and meth off some homeless man in a back alley or in his mansion before you believe it.

Seriously, you Americans scare the fuck out of me with this ignorance and religious shit and. It’s the ereason I can’t get beer advertisers or any advertisers on my lovely site I call home.

Sure, you can’t jerk off to this, unless destruction and death caused by natural disaster is your thing…..which I am pretty sure at least one person out there does get off to…..which leaves this post uneasier than when it started….

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