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Elisandra Tomacheski for Ellis Beach Wear of the Day

Elisandra Tomacheski is some low level Brazilian model who has worked for no one special, but probably should, because she’s 27, the best years are behind her, yet she still looks like this, far better than any pig you’ll find on an online dating site that you’re trying to flush out of the woods and hunt because you can smell their desperation…not that that’s saying much, but I am sure it’s saying something…and that is that I fuck far less substantial women, so this one’s a keeper.

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Elisandra Tomacheski Models Bikinis of the Day

I don’t know about you…but I love nice round ass in bikinis, underwear, jeans, naked, any which way….especially when it is attached to a pair of long and luxurious legs….and a skinny little body….with hot tits….and a lovely face…it’s kinda my thing…and it’s so hard to find you know with being unemployed and all…but I take what I can get…and I figure I can always imagine the vile filth I stick my dick in is in fact something I’d consider worth fucking…and pictures like this aid in that process while I’m getting AIDS….from people who didn’t get AIDS in their native Brazil cuz their first boyfriend had unprotected with a tranny one night on the beaches of RIO….

Her name is Elisandra Tomacheski – she’s in her mid-late 20s…she’s from Brazil and she’s one of the few Brazilian models that Victoria’s Secret didn’t buy on the model trade….but probably should have…cuz she’s spectacular….and here she is modeling bikini…looking good.


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Elisandra Tomacheski Catalog Lingerie Pics for Nordstrom of the Day

Prior to today…I didn’t think it was possible that there could be a lingerie shoot for a lingerie company that was more boring, tedious, and repetitive than the catalog shoots Victoria’s Secret releases…you know with edited out vagina lip and nipples…but it turns out the Nordstrom pulled it off…with relatively hot model Elisandra Tomacheski, who like 80 percent of Victoria’s Secret talent is from Brazil…but who just lacks a whole lot of hard nipple and thonged ass to really make this shoot interesting to our desensitized minds….and that’s pretty fucking unfortunate….because I should get excited by all girls half naked…and the fact that these evil corporations have the ability to make me not get excited by them…remind me why I hate them….

Here are the pics of Elisandra Tomacheski….in the least erotic lingerie in the history of lingerie…ever…what a waste of a hot fucking body…

To See All The Pics – If I Didn’t Post Enough For You

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