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Elisha Cuthbert Flexing of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert is not dead….we just assumed she was because she’s been basically invisible for the last 10 years, the way a girl who turns 30 should be….but thanks to social media, she’s got the ability to reclaim her sex pest position in the world at 40…you know midlife crisis shit…so she’s got the bikini top on because she’s clearly been working out ut is modest enough to not show us what must be a mom pussy by now and if not is definitely a pussy well travelled….from Quebec Canada to bathroom stalls of LA clubs back when she was very famous…either way, she still looks good….unlike most 40 year olds…but the picture is blurry and I am drunk so that may be why…


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Elisha Cuthbert Green Bra of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert Green Bra

There was a time when my best viral stunt idea was to hold a candlelight vigil outside Elisha Cuthbert’s family house in memorial of her career….she’s from Montreal and there’s really only a handful of celebs from Montreal…so it seemed to be the easy access point to do a celebrity troll without any real travel involved…I figured I could find the family home relatively easily despite her living in LA being all famous and shit…but then the world forgot she existed or at least I forgot she existed but I’ll always remember that stunt that never was because I don’t believe in bringing anything to completion…especially a woman…sexually…I like them on edge.

Point being, she’s apparently still got some kind of career, at least she’s in a bra top looking like a middle aged with a wide midsection promoting some of her work that she once had…because this is part of a reunion for something called HAPPY ENDINGS that she was a part of, probably after my whole VIGIL idea got thwarted…and I guess at 40 she’s alright but looks 40….if you’re into that…

I figure you are because it’s probably got a pussy and that’s not even a prerequisite for you anymore, you’re progressive like that and this whole Queer thing has finally opened up your network of potential things to fuck, because dudes will fuck anything, even you. Where as girls are a whole bunch of work and who’s got time for that….right? The “turning queer was the easy choice with all this bitching out here, just as long as you can see past the balls”…and aren’t doing any of that missionary style anal sex, it’s too romantic….

Elisha Cuthbert Green Bra

Elisha Cuthbert Green Bra

Elisha Cuthbert Green Bra


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Elisha Cuthbert Gunt of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert Gunt

Elisha Cuthbert the “puck slut” as we call them here in Canada…cuz she only fucks hockey players…

I just wrote an entire post on this nonsense and it god deleted because I suck at the internet…

It was basically saying that Cuthbert, like all Canadian girls are Maple Syrup dick suckers, and are raised to believe that the most coveted man to get is the Hockey Player, they are deemed the God’s of Canada, and even in Elisha Cuthbert’s level of celebrity thanks to Canadian classics as Popular Science for kids, before going off to America to do cocaine with Paris Hilton, she’s still got it engrained in the core of who she is, that Hockey cock is the only cock for her….so like a cocktail waitress at the local super club, she has consistently thrown herself at hockey players…and now she’s throwing her 40 year old gunt at us…

Years ago, since she’s from Montreal, I had this viral stunt idea to flash mob her family house in MONTREAL, to stage a memorial for her career, because all those years ago she was pretty much over…and has since done nothing of interest besides grow out the gunt….

Thanks to not liking to do anything, or put effort in anything to get attention from people…I never did it, I prefer to keep my real life nonsense to stories not videos, videos makes it seem like you’re trying too hard for approval and I genuinely can’t be bothered to put effort into yotuube or any social media…to get hits because I ultimately don’t care about the public opinion and just stick to my corner of the internet…looking at GUNTS and remembering what was…while everyone else has likely forgotten Elisha Cuthbert – as they should…


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Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini

Elisha Cuthbert, Montreal home grown hottie who has turned her back on her hometown – because she’s gone off and become famous….I’ve only seen her in the city once, she was with a Hockey player…and was a brat acting like you’d expect a famous bitch to do it….

I don’t think you can consider her from Montreal, but not much happens in Montreal because she has gone on and done so many wonderful LA things….like coke off Paris Hilton’s clit….

I remember I waas trying to stage a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house ….that never happened because I am lazy…mourning her career….and I remember trying to be friends with her sister…another fail….but I barely remember Elisha Cuthbert….or her spending half your 20s being a cokewhore ….and that behavior clearly doesn’t always ruin you….and this is the proof….she looks hot…

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Elisha Cuthbert’s Tits for Fashion Magazine of the Day



Elisha Cuthbert is a Montreal Hometown hero, who I guess is pushing 40 by now, and who left when she was 17, so I guess she can’t really be considered hometown anything…but she is chubby, and friends with Paris Hilton, and she has been on a bunch of shows…so I guess that’s something…

I remember the only time I was ever in the same place as her, she was pulling some LA cunt behavior, you know acting like she was fucking Hollywood God….where one of my friends went too close next to her and she had security or something pull him away…

If I had energy and if she was more relevant, I would probably want to stunt her family’s house…either doing a flash mob or something equally ridiculous, but that would require way too much effort for someone who is barely relevant…

Instead, I’ll just look at her cleavage…

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