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Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini

Elisha Cuthbert, Montreal home grown hottie who has turned her back on her hometown – because she’s gone off and become famous….I’ve only seen her in the city once, she was with a Hockey player…and was a brat acting like you’d expect a famous bitch to do it….

I don’t think you can consider her from Montreal, but not much happens in Montreal because she has gone on and done so many wonderful LA things….like coke off Paris Hilton’s clit….

I remember I waas trying to stage a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house ….that never happened because I am lazy…mourning her career….and I remember trying to be friends with her sister…another fail….but I barely remember Elisha Cuthbert….or her spending half your 20s being a cokewhore ….and that behavior clearly doesn’t always ruin you….and this is the proof….she looks hot…

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Elisha Cuthbert’s Tits for Fashion Magazine of the Day



Elisha Cuthbert is a Montreal Hometown hero, who I guess is pushing 40 by now, and who left when she was 17, so I guess she can’t really be considered hometown anything…but she is chubby, and friends with Paris Hilton, and she has been on a bunch of shows…so I guess that’s something…

I remember the only time I was ever in the same place as her, she was pulling some LA cunt behavior, you know acting like she was fucking Hollywood God….where one of my friends went too close next to her and she had security or something pull him away…

If I had energy and if she was more relevant, I would probably want to stunt her family’s house…either doing a flash mob or something equally ridiculous, but that would require way too much effort for someone who is barely relevant…

Instead, I’ll just look at her cleavage…

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