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Elle Macpherson is Old and Hot in a Magazine of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the only 56 year olds I want to look at being slutty. I typically get offended by that shit, but with Elle Macpherson, I’m like BRING IT.

This is apparently a recent Harper’s shoot with Elle Macpherson, you can tell that she’s old as shit in this shoot, so it’s not some 80s goodness being reposted by something relatively new enough…

Little known fact and not necessarily a fact that I am overly proud of, or one that I like talking about, because dudes talking about jerking off always makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s actually pretty fucking queer….keep it to your damn self…just because masturbation is no longer seen as shameful as people post up pics of themselves sticking things up their ass on instagram….sex positive…I still think it should be something shameful….it keeps people more controlled…like COVID..

That said, in the 1986, 1987 and 1988….she was the SI covergirl…and she was amazing….so amazing that we were in a one sided exclusive romantic relationship for 3-4 months each of those years.

The goto titties!!! She’s still looking fucking great but maybe I’m just experiencing what true love feels like, you know when you see old men tell their old wive’s they look beautiful while they look old as shit….and no one else could confuse them for looking good…only love would make it look good…

But those tits are big.

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Elle VS Pam VS Reese Old Lady Bikinis of the DAy

Which girl over 100 fucking years do you like best….

Elle Macpherson….the model I used to jerk off to in 1989 when I first found Sports Illustrated swim when it still mattered….who still looks amazing because models know how to get rich guys and keep them…

Reese Witherspoon who you never jerked off to but who was the chubby, and now still chubby, chronic jogger, who trapped Ryan Philippe, stole his career, won an Oscar, married her Agent like a dirtbag, and made stupid fucking money while pretending to love JESUS…when really she loves fame, and money and eating..

Or Pam Anderson..tits you jerk off to for being naked trashy, with trashy tits, who influenced strippers everywhere…aging in a weird way thanks to years of hepatitis she’s cured and plastic surgery rot…an icon no more…

My vote is with ELLE…CAST YOUR VOTE…

Elle Macpherson in a Bikini of the Day


Pam Anderson in a Bikini of the Day


Reese Witherspoon in a Bikini of the Day


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Elle Macpherson Comeback Tour of the Day


Little known fact that no one cares about – but I’ll tell you about it anyway – because that’s just the kind of repetitive old man with a very boring, depressing, repetitive life, filled with a fat wife who is never full and self medicating as I go through it because it makes shit more fun….

Is that Elle Macpherson is the first model I remember actively jerking off to. I mean it could have happened before her, I didn’t lose my jerking off virginity to her, because there was jerking off pre Elle Macpherson, but I was a 18 or 19 year old and got my hands on some 25th Anniversary video of Sports Illustrated Swim – which at the time was a big deal and she was in it – her first year…all cute and fun and Australian at the peak of Australian hype….1989 motherfuckers…a lifetime, not an exciting or good lifetime for me…but a pretty decent one for her as she’s married to some billionaire and still looks like a hot Elle Macpherson….in her fucking 50s..it’s just crazy but I’d like to say I called it…not that I followed the career that closely, but just comparing this Elle shoot and over all existence to my jerking off to her… makes it pretty fucking clear….always a goddess and forever…that her comeback tour may involve bringing my Elle Macpherson targeted cumming back…we’re so in sync, and she’s Justin Timberlake…

Here’s her tits in a bra being flashed or soemthing – and I think I am still in love with her…

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Elle Macpherson in a Bikini of the Day


Elle Macpherson is 100 years old..and still looks amazing…

She was one of the original models I jerked off to in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit back in 1988….an era when Australia was hot, Crocodile Dundee was the shit and, people were into Kangaroos and Elle Macpherson was the hottest thing Australia had to offer…

I guess she’s still doing it…because along with marrying really rich dudes, she’s still a fucking model at her core, and she represents something that will never exist again. A model, who is famous for being a model, without all the instagram bullshit that people use to value models today‚Ķfascinating..

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