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Jenny Mollen and Ellen Woglom Topless for TV of the Day

I had never heard of either of these whores before today, but I figured since they were getting topless on TV shows that I’ve never heard of becuase they are spin-offs of movies that won an Academy Award called Crash because it touched on racism and LA that I’ve never seen because I just asshumed some asshole greased the Academy with either money or bribes that would ruin some of the judges lives or some shit…is worth noticing…because tits on TV is a relatively new concept that I’d like to see stick around, because I remember a time Dennis Franz from NYPD Blue’s bare ass got fucking censored and was consider too explicit despite being totally offensive…and because I love seeing bottom feeding actresses who I know would rather stay clothed but need work so they get naked…

Either way, it turns out that one of these bitches is named Jenny Mollen and she is married to Jason Biggs. She was on a show called Angel, so you virgins are probably excited that the man who taught you it was okay to fuck pies is married to a girl you used to think about when fucking those pies….I guess she’s trying to pave her own way and make her own money because the idea of letting Jason Biggs get her pregnant scares her as it is not part of the get famous quick plan that marrying him was a huge part of…or maybe it is real love and he’s broke from burning all his American Pie money on Horseracing and bootlegging liquor. Who really gives a fuck…I know I don’t…

The other bitch is named Ellen Woglom chick is a solid 10 years younger than Mrs Biggs. She is just starting out and her IMDB screams doing as much nudity as possible to get noticed because your gigs aren’t saying much about your capabilities as an actor…..
Now here are those clips from the show Crash.

Jenny Mollen:

Ellen Woglom:

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