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Elsa Zylberstein Has a Useless Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Elsa Zylberstein and she’s someone you probably haven’t heard of because she’s from France and not from America. As you’d expect with a name like Zylberstein, has a Jewish father, but since dude realized that Jewish Woman aren’t the prettiest things out there, married a Catholic girl and had her. She considered herself a Jew because I assume it was good for business when you want to work in entertainment, since Jews like the help other Jews, but the Jewish religion never acepted her as a Jew because her mom was a Gentile. Now she has moved onto Buddhism, and this is a whole lot of information you don’t give a fuck about, but what you should give a fuck about is the fact that she’s having a pretty amazing nipple slip, because seeing nipples fall out of dresses is what going to bars and hanging out by the dancefloor in hopes a bitch in a tube top who decided to not wear a bra that day is all about when you’re a creep like me.

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