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The Women of ESPN’s Body Issue of the Day


ESPN does a homoerotic issue every year, where they get a bunch of athletes naked, because in case you didn’t know, girl athletes, unless they play tennis and aren’t the big Venus…or surfing…are monsters…with clits bigger than your dick..which isn’t saying much..but it’s saying these sculpted bodies are terrifying..

I guess I just like my girls skinny from eating disorders, not skinny from low body fat due to massive muscle mass…to stay competitive monsters…But they technically have female reproductive organs, even though they seem like machines, so it’s not as gay as jerking off to an actual tranny, something I assume you do…..

I mean, I don’t really want to see any of these girls ride my face for hours because they have good cardio…and not just for fear of them rubbing off my face…

Here are the pics of girls…


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ESPN Body Issue of the Day

Every year ESPN celebrates athletes by getting them naked….It is their answer to Sport Illustrated Swimsuit…only with more strategic nudity…I prefer naked athletes in a sports magazine, than vapid cunt models who have no reason to be in a sports magazine….

I don’t watch sports, but I will look at athletes naked, and they do impress me, even if it isn’t my typical description of vision of beauty or erotic…They are muscular, ripped, often times a little scary…but they work hard to make their bodies machines..

I know that dudes hate on these girls and call them manly, because they are big, bulky and intimidating….but I like to think there’s nothing wrong with that…and more importantly, someone out there is jerking off to it, even if it’s not me.

The surfer, is the hottest one. The rest of the pics kind of boring and are seriously lacking labia…

The People included in this issue are:

AJ Evans, Angel McCoughtry, Amy Purdy, Coco Ho, Danyelle Wolf, Hillary Knight, Jamie Anderson, LynZ Pastrana, Megan Rapinoe, Venus Williams


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