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Eva Green for Campari Calendar of the Day

These are some pretty big production pics of Eva Green for Compari, and despite not being one of my advertisers, or paying me for this, I feel compelled to post them, because they are big, bright, red and interesting – and I guess being the half retard that I am, that’s enough for me – or maybe I still like Eva Green thanks to having big hot french tits from that Movie Dreamers where she fucked her brother – and incest, even when not real, is the best….

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Eva Green Banned Poster of the Day

Here is the Sin City 2 Poster every nerd has been waiting for…that has apparently been banned because they people at the Motion Picture Association of America do not believe in freeing the nipple like they were Scout Willis….and prefer their movie posters to be less soft core pornographic, even when they star of the movie is some soft core porn actress from France…who happens to have awesome tits…

This is the story…

A poster for the Sin City sequel A Dame To Kill For has been banned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for showing one of its stars Eva Green holding a gun and looking sultry in a revealing thin gown. Of particular concern to the conservative watchdog was the “curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

These are the tits in the new 300: HERE and HERE

These are the tits in Perfect Sense HERE

These are the tits in Camelot HERE

These are the tits in Cracks HERE

Tits on Tits on Tits and her breakout role was in some incest sexed up movie called Dreamers…needless to say she’s’ a vehicle or host body for the tits the movie industry like….

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Eva Green Topless in 300 of the Day

Eva Green is some french actress so showing her tits is like wearing a shirt for her, but the fact is that in her case, her tits are so good, they are like the best fucking shirt around…that even at 33 are lovely, luxurious and nice to see in some blockbuster bullshit movie she probably got paid well for but that I can assume is hardly as interesting as her debut movie The Dreamers where she was fucking her “brother”…because despite what anyone tells you – incest is the best.

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Eva Green Topless in 300 of the Day

I am pretty sure the only reason anyone knows of Eva Green is because she was naked in some movie about incest or teen sex or something scandalous from a decade ago…meaning her 10 year older tits are hardly as interesting, but maybe that’s just because she’s not showing her awesome bush…assuming she’s still got it 10 years later…I guess she’s gone mainstream Hollywood, and that’s what makes these exciting, you know fuck those awesome incest sex scenes from that indy movie…The Dreamers 10 years ago….and focus on her nipples today…because it’s new content, since the old nudes are played out by now.

Who cares. Tit Gif. That’s what matters.

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Eva Green Tits in Perfect Sense of the Day

Eva Green was hot in that Foreign teenage lust movie where I think she had actual sex, something I find of serious importance when it comes to movies, because real sex gives girls real perspective on how sex is supposed to be, instead of that Soap Opera shit housewives cheat on their husbands for….but never find….

Either way, It hits theaters february 10, 2012, but the Russian mob already got their hands on the goods…those pirates…and here are Eva Green’s awesome fucking tits….I’m into it.

Hey Eva Green and your great tits….welcome back to the movies.

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Eva Green’s Tits in Camelot of the Day

There’s a new show called Camelot. I don’t know where the show is being produced. I just kknow Eva Green is in it and it’s on some Sci/Fi fantasy kick….

I have always found Sci Fi and Fantasy real fucking weird…but not nearly as weird as the people who are into it….I figure the people who produce the shit, write the shit and do the shit are only in it for the money, cuz they know the fans are socially awkward people who will embrace the shit as if it is their own, take ownership on the shit and love the shit, cuz they have nothing else going on, spreading it virally cuz they run to the fucking internet to talk to their fake friends who are just as weird as them…

I have walked by these people. I have seen them stage wars in our parks. I have seen them have training sessions in our parks. I have heard their conversations at coffee shops during intense war playing games, I have seen their comics, their collectibles and I have smelled their semen crusted unshowered due to late night sessions on World of War craft, when stuck in line behind them.

And luckily, Eva Green is in this shit, cuz I have always found Eva Geen’s tits fantastic…She was in a movie called The Dreamers, and that pretty much secured her as celebrity porn to get off to….even if her wikipedia has this interesting fact:

She credits Kirsten Dunst as her fashion influences

Cuz I guess piss soaked, booze soaked, cocaine covered and unshowered is fashion…I thought Kirsten Dunst only inspired people to get cosmetic dentistry work done, and maybe even a couple homeless people down the street, but that’s just cuz I couldn’t tell if she inspired them when she was here, or if they inspired her, in a chicken or the egg situation…

But this isn’t about that, it’s about Eva Green and Camelot and her Tits and to get you to FOLLOW ME

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Eva Green Topless in Some Movie of the Day

Eva Green has great tits. I remember watching her weird threesome movie called Dreamers a few years ago and thinking to myself that she kinda had it going on.

The thing with celebrities is that I can’t fucking stand them and for the most part I don’t even find them hot, and that over-rated shit is part of the reason I hate them….not to mention most movies are fucking dull so I get bored watching them and prefer just hanging out on the street looking at everyday girls and visualizing them naked, but every once in a while, one of these celeb bitches gets naked on screen and it allows me to focus my shit and be a man about it and visualize myself suckin’ her tit…

Here’s Eva Green in some movie called Cracks…it’s Good Friday, and since very little is good in life, I figured I’ll try to change that with something that is.

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Some Eva Green Cleavage of the Day

You may remember Eva Green as the hot tits who fucked her brother in the movie The Dreamers because I think that is all she’s ever done in her career, which is really a great tragedy as far as I’m concerned, because I figure if a girl is willing to show her pussy on screen once, she’ll do it again and again and again until she gets nominated for an Oscar or gets work on a kids show. The truth is that I’m not really a film expert and I’m too lazy for IMDB so she could be involved in a bunch of other movies that I just don’t know about, making this post obsolete, despite the fact that she’s at the British Independent Film Awards showing off some cleavage, that would better serve her naked and on screen, maybe in the independent movie I am working on with my cellphone camera and ten dollars that needs a pussy, but for now all she gets is a post here….I figure the longer I hold out the more likely she’ll come knockin’…..

Here’s a refresher course in her tits from the movie The Dreamers….

Eva Green Topless In The DreamersFunny video clips are a click away

Pics via Fame

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