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Evan Seinfeld and His New Porn Slut Trash of the Day

I hate Evan Seinfeld, not because he’s Jerry Seinfeld’s brother, because he probably isn’t, but because he embodies pretty much everything I hate in a person.

Sure, he was in the band Biohazard, something some of you idiots may idolize, because I remember stupid french kids and white trash flocked to that garbage.

He looks ridiculously fucking lame. He was married to, managed and starred with Tara Patrick a disgusting looking pornstar who everyone seemed to neglect was disgusting looking, despite the fact that she has no chin. Now he’s taken his tattooed, bald, jewish, shoulda been an accountant but something went wrong thanks to the way my parents raised me where I decided to tattoo my entire body and be in porn.

Here he is in Vegas because the city feeds off his type of cheese and so do dumb cunts and here he is with some new stupid sluts who think they need him to make it in porn, when all they really need is a fucking camcorder, but they’re too stupid to realize that, hence why they are trying to get into porn via Evan Seinfeld….

Here are the stupid pictures of the idiot….

Pics via Fame

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