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Brody Jenner Likes Low Grade Canadian Pussy of the Day

Brody Jenner is rumored to be banging Avril Lavigne and I really am not sure why anyone would care since both these people are totally fucking useless and irrelevant. The only reason I am bothering with this is to point out that despite Avril Lavigne dressing like a 15 year old girl mad at the world, her ass doesn’t live up to the lie and I guess to rub it in that Playboy trash Jayde Nicole’s face that she’s not the only gutter Canadian vagina willin to bang a 5 foot 5 MTV reality star in Kim Kardashian’s extended family. Seriously, dude’s rich, he should step up his game and get actual good lookin’ girls, maybe some still in college, instead of ones with dying low level celebrity careers.

Either way, here they are getting more attention than either of them have had in over 16 months, stirring up rumors and boring the fuck out of me, cuz they are at the level of desperation where a sex tape is the only answer to really get noticed…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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