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Rihanna Falls on Stage of the Day

Rihanna was in concert the other day and she managed to get out of her pink rubber outfit part of me wants to sniff despire hating her cuz she seems like a fucking cunt with serious attitude who tells on her abusive boyfriend like she’s not a gully girl from the shanty town…..and she fell on stage, now let’s just hope she falls into obscurity and as long as she’s in a leotard showing ass…I’m good with watching….

Watch The Video

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Agyness Deyn Falls on the Runway of the Day

There was some fashion show that went down as part of NYC Fashion week that was meant to raise money for Haiti. Some popular UK model named Agyness Deyn was there doin’ her thing and she fell, which is really not a big deal or that interesting, but I guess when someone who is a professional model falls while modeling, that’s like a truck driver running over a van full of little kids, or a pornstar who gets aids, this is pretty much worse case scenario for them, and we get to see their panties…I am sure if you google her name, you will find actual naked pics of her, making this post a waste of time…

The funny thing is that Agyness Deyn falling wasn’t the biggest trainwreck to happen at the charity event, booking Kelly Osborne and her pig face was no matter how much weight she’s lost from Dancing with the Stars bullshit, she’s still vile.

Pics via Fame

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Lady Gaga Falls of the Day

Lady Gaga was in montreal this past weekend and I was hoping to stage a gang raping with some of the creepiest HIV infected people I know, like I was some kind of maestro or some shit, directing the whole fucking thing like it was a fucking orchestra or some shit. Since I couldn’t pull that off, I just hoped something horrible would happen to her resulting in her throat being pulled the fuck out….but all I got was this video of her falling, unfortunately not killing herself.

I wasn’t at the show….cuz I hate the cunt….but shoulda been throwing anthrax at her….

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Paris Hilton Falls on her Face of the Day

I wasn’t going to post today and write April’s Fool tomorrow because I figured it was a good excuse to be lazy, but since my life is pretty lazy I didn’t know that April Fool’s is tomorrow so I have to wait a full day to fool all you fuckers and now that I’ve ruined my joke, which in all honesty was really shitty but I am not really capable of thinking up a new one because that’s how useless I am.

Speaking of useless, Paris Hilton was in Turkey having a nice romantic lunch with her lesbian lover Benji Madden and the paparazzi went nuts. Stories as big as Paris Hilton being in their country just don’t happen too often in Turkey and the dumb bitch fell on her face and hit her chin.

The funniest thing in this video isn’t that Paris Hilton fell, even though we love seeing bitch on the ground in hopes that she’ll never get up. It is how Benji Madden tries to defuse the situation like a good boyfriend by trying to reason with the Paparazzi that his baby hurt herself and he wants to take care of her. Everyone knows you aren’t supposed to treat a whore like that and if she happens to get hurt in time you spend with her, you are supposed to drag her out on the street by her hair and flee the scene so that you don’t go down with her.

Unfortunately, momma’s boy Madden thinks the noble thing to do is to be a gentleman about the whole thing, so that he can take care of Paris, without realizing how much of a pussy it makes him look like. The reality is that leaving Paris on the ground in her own blood amongst rabid paparazzi is the best help he can give her. You know sometimes the best way to teach a kid how to ride a bike is to let him fall off it a few times first.

This is Paris Hilton, we’re talking about, she’s the kind of girl you try to push down the stairs, not pick back up and brush off after her awkward self trips over her huge feet, then causing a scene basically coming out of the fuckin’ closet like a little pussywhipped girl for the world to see.

Here’s a video of the Paparazzi in Turkey fighting over Paris because not much else is going on there and it’s more interesting than Benji Madden’s coming out video…

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