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Heidi and Spencer Pratt are Fucking Asshole of the Day

I hate this type of person more than you fucking know. I find it insulting that they are famous enough to have the paparazzi follow them. I find it insulting that they have careers and above all I find it depressing that the public actually cares. There constant shitty publicity stunts, like they were actually real celebrities, living actual real celebrity lives, is tired and boring, but for some reason it still gets in the tabloids. I know I don’t give a fuck whether they are pregnant or not, I mean other than the fact that I’d need to find some crazy motherfucker to push her down the stairs to save man kind from the spawn of the fucking devil, but I find stunts like this totally uncreative, unoriginal and boring.

I wouldn’t expect much more out of these fucking idiots, but I’d hope they’d have better things to do with their time, you know just sit at home and count their money from making it this far, instead of plotting cheap, tacky ways to make the fuckin’ news.

That, along with their TV show is all part of the reason why I want these fuckers to just disappear and would like to encourage anyone psycho’s out there to make it happen, because I don’t have that whole kidnap and murder in me, I’m too nice and sane for that, but if someone was to eliminate these people, I think it’d be the ultimate RIP Motherfucker post I could ever hope to write…..

I figure the only publicity stunts I am willing to stomach from these two is the sex tape a staged death like they were Michael Jackson….cuz I’ve had enough of them….

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