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Billy Ray Cyrus Gives Us the Finger for Disney of the Day

When I think about Disney, I don’t have thoughts of the most magical place on earth, I don’t have thoughts about Mickey and Minnie and all the other characters we all grew up on, I don’t think about my grandmother’s stories about how Walt Disney started up the company as an excuse to get close to little boys and girls, because back then pedophiles weren’t as hated as they are today, it was almost swept under the rug and apparently, he gave great orgasms.

I do think about Miley Cyrus, her millions and millions of dollars, so I am pretty offended when I see her dad, who is milking off the shit just as hard as his little slut daughter, giving us the finger. He should be giving us a two thumbs up with a huge smile on his face because dude’s fucked the system.

What kind of message is this sending to the kids.

Speaking of Kids, Oprah is on teenagers sucking dick, I’m talking 13 year olds. I always knew she was a kiddie porn smut peddler. All the rich folk are weird. They just said “feeling good about your genitals at a young age”. Wonder what that means. I am almost 40 and never felt good about my genitals. Mainly due to the smell and scabs….

And a little Miley for the perverts….

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Lindsay Lohan Passive Aggressive Finger of the Day

I think Lindsay Lohan is awesome, but my advice to her would be to do funnier stunts to the paparazzi to get them to fuck off…. you know scratching your chin with your sex organ if you’re in a lesbian relationship is almost annoying and childish, throwing her feces or her dog’s feces, or maybe even an old used tampon, maybe even a hot drink, red paint, a midget would be a lot better. Sure she’s got to keep up appearances to ensure a future career and she has to be a pleasure to take pictures of because it’s all part of the PR machine, but I think it’s time for her to take shit up a notch and really do some fucking damage. I want to see some broken fucking noses and shit…

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Elizabeth Hurley Doesn’t Like You of the Day

At first I thought this picture of Elizabeth Hurley was just her giving the paparazzi the finger because they are invasive cocksuckers who never seem to go away, kinda like herpes when you have a weak immune system, only the annoying immigrant that stalks and snaps off pics of you version.

The whole thing that bothers me about these cocksuckers is that they do spend money getting the pictures I post, but that money they spend is on stalking a bitch, I’m talking airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals and zoom lenses that to put the immigrant with a camera in the right place at the right time to capture the moment, but they don’t actually pay for the production of the pictures like a photoshoot would, and they aren’t paying the talent in the pictures, even though the illegal immigrant is the one who shouldn’t be getting paid and not the subject of the fucking picture, then they come to me demanding money or lawsuits for pictures they claim are theirs but never prove are theirs and it just doesn’t make sense to me.

But then I realized Liz Hurley isn’t giving the paparazzi the finger, she’s giving you the finger, because along with the rest of us, she hates you too.

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