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Michael Jackson’s 1984 Video Shoot of the Day

I just saw this video from the Michael Jackson Pepsi shoot where he caught on fire. It was a big story in 1984. I figured I’d share the video even if I am all out of Michael Jackson jokes, you know he’s been dead for close to a month and I am burnt out by all the MJ shit I’ve heard and seen, but not as burnt as his scalp in this video…before the crew beat it out…. Just beat it.

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Elisha Cuthbert’s on Fire of the Day

Here’s Elisha Cuthbert’s arm on fire on the 24 set. I didn’t know she was still working, I thought she was just some Canadian puck slut working the Hockey circuit and by the looks of this soap opera star performance, they probably should have let the rest of her burn up in flames with her career, but maybe putting out the fire was just symbolic of her career being snuffed out, because killing her on set would have lead to legal issues, but then again, what the fuck do I know,

The last time Cuthbert was partying in her hometown of Montreal, she had a security detail, thinking people actually give a fuck about her still and when a guy I know managed to sneak in and give her a flower as a joke, she snubbed him like she’s too fucking important to interact with the locals. Now, if you’ve ever been to montreal, you’d know that nothing here is “exclusive”. Homeless people party in the “hottest” clubs here and manage to get into the VIP rooms poppin’ bottles and I’m just tired of these Montreal sluts who leave the city to go onto bigger money and better things, coming back and acting like they are anything but the fucking white trash middle class suburban cunts we know they are.

They pretend they are too good for this shitty city, and maybe they are, I mean I’ve met ex strippers who are onto better things since leaving this city, but when they are here, they act like they are too big for the place and that they are doing me a fucking favor for visiting, like I give a fuck. I remember meeting this bitch from here, who had moved to LA a few years before and was visiting her parents over the holidays a couple years ago. After an hour of her talking about how great LA is and how well liked she is and how hooked up she is and how many celebrities she parties with and how amazing the clubs are, she turns to some falling apart stone building and asks me if it had aways been there, she was trying to be so fucking LA that she couldn’t be bothered to remember buildings in the city, or recognize something that’s been there for 300 fucking years, thinking that I’d be impressed with how sophisticated and Sex and the City she is for leaving the city because no one liked her here, and that I’d be impressed with how industry she is by being too important to remember here, when the truth is, I don’t give a fuck about Montreal and I don’t give a fuck about LA, I do give a fuck about being forced into tedious conversations with a piece of fucking shit of a person. Not that you do care…..because she wasn’t Cuthbert, in fact she was a total nobody, but I’m pretty sure they have the same attitude.

I guess the real sad thing in all this is that they couldn’t put out her double chin…..if I was more eager, I’d find the Cuthbert family home and hold a candlelight vigil for her career and her sex appeal, that shit would be number 1 on Youtube.

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Travis Barker After the Great Leg Fire of the Day

These are the first real pictures of Travis Barker after a month stint in the hospital trying to deal with the horrible burns that he got after being in a plane crash that killed 5 people, just not the right people, I’m talking to you DJ AM. I am just bugging, I don’t wish death upon anyone, I figure it’s just nice to see that this mother fucker is out walking around because I think he’s a real talent. No one plays the drums quite like him and after being in hospital for a month, these pictures could be seen as inspirational and gross, because if I was burned on half my body, I’d make an effort to not advertise that shit, like the time I was at a restaurant and a dude with one of those voicebox things pulled out his fucking throat piece to eat right next to me, making me enjoy my shitty meal a hell of a lot less. We get it, life goes on and we have to deal with our shit, but trying to accommodate to the people around you is just the right thing to do…..I am talking to you guy who lives in the building next door and who insists on walking around in pantyhose……with your blinds open….smiling….cuz you know we’re all watching you in disgust….and you feel like you’re on some kind of stage performing for your fucking fans…..stop.

Either way, as Travis limps in his silly slippers, with his legs that once was covered in ink, DJ AM is touring with Jay Z, banging Mandy Moore and getting all kinds of sympathy from the world, so I guess he is the winner of the plane crash survival bet they had….and I guarantee at least one Barker fan is pouring gasoline on his leg right now, to simulate this body mod, since all the Barker fully body tattoo suit he copied is now pretty much obsolete…..

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