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Rachel Hunter Shouldn’t Be Eating of the Day

I am not a dietician but I will go as far as to say that eating chicken wings is probably the last thing Rachel Hunter should be shoving into her fat mouth. She used to be a fuckin’ model and not any fucking model, a bikini and lingerie model. That is the body most young girls look up to and want to have but what they don’t know is that eventually everything dies including sex appeal. The good news is that now that this Swine Flu has hit, bitch can get some work as the poster girl for it…Get it….cuz she’s a pig…good one, right???Right? Come on guys..work with me here.

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Fat Kid Rapping About Food of the Day

I don’t know why but I am really not into writing about celebrities today, so I decided to go get lunch and pretty much waste away like it was a Sunday since I am into this 2 day hangover shit, now that my liver doesn’t metabolize alcohol anymore, so I figured I’d post a fat kid rapping about food, because I was a fat kid and I am still fat and I don’t have that same relationship with food, but my wife does, and if she could, she would have married herself some cured meat or some shit. Instead she’s got me and is in need of a cure, that was a bad STD joke. We like to keep them local. You know in the vagina. I don’t know man. Hard day today is all.

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Pharrell Tries to Seduce the McDonald’s Staff to Get Him Food of the Day

Like I said yesterday, when you are underpaid in a shitty job, like working at a fast food joint, or something equally shitty, you just don’t go above and beyond the call of duty when someone relatively famous comes in, you just ignore the other customers while striking up conversation, hoping motherfucker saves you from the life you are living.

So Pharrell was flying back from some Asian trip and stopped off in France for a layover, ran to a McDonald’s to get some food and they would only serve him breakfast, so he did a song and dance hoping to seduce the girls, because in America, he just has to walk into a fucking place and he’s already got four chicks sucking on his dick, but I guess wasn’t so lucky this time around. I like the ending where he realizes he isn’t getting shit out them and he is about to do a spoiled brat, celebrity tantrum, but the video ends, so I guess we’ll never know what happened, and I am sure you’re pretty upset about that.

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