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Francesca Eastwood’s Flexibility of the Day

Francesca Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s hot Jewish daughter who I guess is almost 30….and as someone who is into the offspring of the rich and famous because it’s such a weird fucking existence to live off of the success of their father….a fun existence maybe, but all these people hate themselves as they live their permanent vacation boring but luxurious lives…..

You could argue that she hasn’t done anything important or of value, you know living in the shadow of an important man like Clint, but maybe that’s as interesting as you’d have to be to get by…I mean it is a society of leeches mooching off anyone remotely connected to greatness…

Plus she’s hot…so this kind of social media behavior is important and interesting enough for me…when bored in mansion, just post up pics of themselves showing off how flexible they are in shorts so that us low life losers can imagine how good they’d be to fuck, so long as they remain in that pose…..drinking wine nn a bra that we’ll assume tastes as good as it feels thanks to the other meds she’s probably on….rich people, mental health, you get it…..all while eating takeout despite having industrial ovens…because she may not be a baker, but could be if needed….look at all that oven….while thinking of putting a baby back in her oven….I mean this pose is how you get straight to the egg I hear….

Is this high concept, is that back fat hanging over the bra top, are those feet filthy, is that guy Carson Daily in a Hawaiian shirt…or is it STEVE O…..so many questions I don’t need answering, cuz I am too busy zooming in on her cunt.

In conclusion, I like her dad’s work, he’s a legend and he likes guns and you should too…NOW more than ever…GET GUNS…you know…for hunting and shit….

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Francesca Eastwood See Through Shirt of the Day

Francesca Eastwood has some great implants…not because they look good, they are like shitty bolt ons you’d expect some gutter hooker to have got at discount from someone who isn’t even a doctor, but rather a barber with a breast implant fetish – who has studied the process of giving breast implants and is familiar with sharp objects….but isn’t quite ready for a medical procedure despite how many times he’s tried on the puppies he gets at the shelter…..


What I am saying is that I like Francesca Eastwood, but as the daughter of CLINT, a super rich Hollywood icon, who’s been around since before movies had sound, you’d expect her trust fund to be a little more substantial…where she could at least get the tear drop titty…

I think she’s got potential, but unfortunately, she didn’t believe in her little tits, and did this to herself…BUT THE GOOD NEWS is like all sluts with implants, she’s managed fall in love with her tits, she went through so much for them, and she is showing them to the world….like a good girl should…for a free the nipple style magic….it’s empowering…

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Francesca Eastwood Topless and Fake Tits of the Day

I have a crush on Francesca Eastwood.

I follow her on instagram, I try to make her my friend, I don’t really know why, but I think she’s great…that was at least until today….

YOU KNOW…like anyone, I have a think for the kids of the rich and famous, and as one of 6 of Clint Eastwood’s spawns, she’s the kid of the rich and famous, and I don’t really like them the way the rest of the world likes the rich and famous kids, I like them because of how damaged they are, despite having everything they really want, and are spoiled, they are coddled, they are whiners and usually unhappy while attention seeking to make a name of their own…even though they are the first to say “Yes, That Eastwood” when checking in anywhere…

BUT I HATE CLOWN TITS…and she’s got CLOWN TITS…and that’s so disappointing, but then again like the body dysmorphia stripper with clown tits, it means she’s the most fucked up, but like that stripper with her weird ego, that doesn’t mean she’s the best fuck…

Sad…but her trust fund will be nice…and the fact that she like doing shameless paparazzi pics…also nice…

I GUESS I am still a fan…just not of the tits..the tits are terrible…but they tell such a great fucking story…about youthful people who feel that slutty posing and tits are the answer to their sadness…on that inspiring note of shamelessness…it is drinking time…..

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I Like Francesca Eastwood of the Day


Francesca Eastwood is hot and she’s on the rise. I wonder how she got into the whole acting thing…I guess it doesn’t matter…she’s on the rise and by rise I mean she told her dad to call some friends and make her as famous as he can before he dies because he’s 150 year old….it’s the least he can do for cheating on her family and cheating on her family…neglecting her because he’s Clint Eastwood…a busy man….a busy man with all the fucking connections from 80 years in Hollywood…

Not that I care who she is, the fact that she’s an Eastwood is actually probably a bad thing because it means she’ll always have a trust fund and she’s already over the whole rebellious teenager thing and won’t release sex tapes…but the good news is that she’s trying to be a legit actor, she’s in Twin Peaks, and she’ll probably get naked for her roles..and that’ll be all you get out of her because she’s a Eastwood and doesn’t congregate with your kind….but you can always stare and jerk off to her tits thanks to this outfit…

She’s so dark and gothic…I am in love.


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Francesca Eastwood for Esquire of the Day


Here’s Francesca Eastwood, she’s Clint Eastwood’s daughter with what I assume is some above average, possibly babe, since he’s famous as fuck and has been for the last 60 years, woman…who he knocked up because he’s a good, gun bearing, republican for God…

Who is raising, but not really, because he’s old as fuck, and is more of a grandfather, young harlots, like Francesca Eastwood…..who seem as thirsty as the groupies he’s probably plowed through as the cowboy everyone loved….from the 50s til today…

That said, I am sure her career has been hard to pull off, you know being an Eastwood is both a blessing and a curse, as she’ll probably say in her interview, because she has so much to live up to, and it’s so hard to differentiate herself from her iconic father….something she genuinely believes…or tells herself…

While we all know she only matters because she’s an Eastwood…

It’s like “Look how hot Clint’s daughter is….She’s half naked in Esquire”…or “look another hollywood heiress trying to maximize her fame because it’s good for her instagram followers”…

That said…I think I’m in love…and I’m glad she’s happened…because this is exactly how I want to see any aspiring actress, whether born into the top tier of the industry, or working as a stripper…

That said, I think I’m seriously in love…

This girl is perfect.

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Trying To Look Up Francesca Eastwood’s Shorts of the Day

Francesca Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s daughter and I am trying to look up her shorts…trying to see vagina…like it was in front of me…even though it is just pics…not because I am a Clint Eastwood fan, even though he makes decent movies, but because she’s wearing those shorts, and I am pathetic…

I mean I am all for celebrity kids, with their spoiled weird upbringing thanks the egotistical parents in Hollywood, making them a breed of human of their own…but I am really all for short shorts I can see some vagina slip in from the right angle….right…


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Francesca Eastwood Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

Francesca Eastwood is on the rise, and by rise I mean she told her dad to call some friends and make her as famous as he can before he dies and no one cares who she is. So next thing you know, she’s landed some top PR person, maybe even a couple of acting gigs, but most importantly some paparazzi coverage, in what is one of the worst staged bikini pics I’ve seen in a long time. Usually, the girls in the staged paparazzi bikini pics are trying to make it look like they are natural and going about their lives being shot, the fact that she’s posing for the shit, kinda makes it obvious that this is all to get people like me to talk about her hard nipples and tight body like she matters. You know to make her a sex symbol that will lead to more work thanks to her dad’s power in the industry, even if she’s got no ability to act, at least not according to her staged bikini pics, when really I’d much rather see her riding my face, but these pics are pretty hysterical….

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The Eastwood Sisters at Coachella of the Day

Francesca Eastwood and Morgan Eastwood are Clint Eastwood’s daughters, who apparently brought him out to Coachella as their fashion accessory, because all the other idiots dressed like hippies, they figured they’d bring someone too old to have every been a hippie, cuz back in 1969, he as 40.

Or maybe he was just there checking up on them, to make sure the MOLLY they were rolling on was up to speed like being at a star studded party in the 80s when it was invented.

Or maybe, just maybe, he is the one who got them in, cuz they aren’t the big stars they want to be, and may end up being the next HILTON sisters, because these socialite trash things happen in waves, but as far as I’m concerned, they are lovely as fuck.

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Francesca Eastwood is a Babe in her Bikini of the Day

Her name is Francesca Eastwood and she’s Clint Eastwood’s daughter…who is living the good life….because her dad is Clint Eastwood and he’s pretty major….She apparently has a reality show….that is about her and her mom on E! Network, a network I pretend doesn’t exist…thanks to the whole inventing the Kardashians….and Ryan Seacrest….they are horrible….but I guess they aren’t that bad….when exploiting socialite girls….who look amazing in bikinis….and here are the life changing pics….like this is a life changing post…uninspired maybe….but better than going to male stripclub accidentally and getting a slow dance from one of the guys….


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